Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Apple iPhone Allegedly Killed a Woman

Last week we learned about a Samsung Galaxy SIII exploded in a woman's pants, this time its an Apple iPhone that allegedly killed a woman. According to the report, a 23 year old woman named Ma Ailun was electrocuted while trying to answer a phone call on her iPhone, which was being charged at that time.

The incident happened in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China. The local police confirmed that the cause of death was electrocution however it was not yet verified if it is the Apple's device that trigger it. The relatives of the victim are seeking justice with Apple. In a statement, the company said that they are very sorry about the unfortunate accident and will investigate it thoroughly.

Source:  Xinhuanet


  1. happened in china? ahaha that's a clone ipHone ahaha LOL

    1. pag sa China nangyari clone agad?



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