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Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0, Quad Core 5-inch HD IPS OGS Display

Cherry Mobile Titan

It is almost a year when the successor of Cherry Mobile Titan came (excluding the Titan TV) and the specs are bumped for today's standard. Introducing the Titan 2.0, a 5-inch quad-core smartphone phone.

The original Titan has the same screen size, but with only WVGA resolution, while the new one boasts an HD IPS OGS display. The RAM has been doubled from 512MB now it is 1GB, though the internal storage remains the same.

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The Titan 2.0 still has 5MP camera, but this time it is in the front, the main camera can shoot up to 12MP still and accompanied by an LED flash.

This new phablet can be yours for Php8,999 with free 4GB micro SD card.

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