Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Review: Optical Illusion

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SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Camera/Video Interface
Camera/Video Interface

The camera and video share the same interface, all the controls can be found on the right side and nothing on the left. At the upper right you can change the flash settings as well as which camera (main or front) you want to use.

The thumbnail of the last picture/video taken is on the upper right corner, below it is the camera shutter key followed by the video record button.

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Camera/Video Settings
Camera/Video Settings

The settings can be accessed by selecting the icon on the lower right corner, here you can change the quality of pictures or videos together with other stuffs.

The Mirage S1 main camera can shoot 5MP still, however it lacks other camera modes like Panorama and HDR. The video can record from 176x144 (low quality) up to 720p (fine quality) resolution but only at 8 frames per second.

Sample Shots:

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Sample Shot - Afternoon
SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Sample Shot - Inside the mall
Inside the mall
SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Sample Shot - Inside the mall_zoom
Inside the mall_zoom
SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Sample Shot - With flash
With flash
SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Sample Shot - Without flash
Without flash
SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Sample Shot - Night
SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Sample Shot - Day

The images produced are acceptable for a 5MP camera, however do not expect spectacular photos especially if there is poor lighting conditions.

Sample Videos:

Fine - 1280x720
High - 640x480
Medium - 480x320
Low - 176x144


SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Browser
Opera Mini
Opera Mini

The phone has both Android stock browser and an Opera Mini. The pages load quickly even those with lots of images, however due to low resolution screen the mobile view of the website you are browsing is recommended.


Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami
Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
Temple Run 1
Temple Run 1
Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2

The casual games such as Pou, Candy Crush Saga, Zombie Tsunami, Subway Surfers, Temple Run 1 and Temple 2 are all playable without any issue or hiccups.

Asphalt 7
Asphalt 7
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Modern Combat 4
Modern Combat 4

The graphics-intensive games like Asphalt 7, Dungeon Hunter 4 and Modern Combat 4 all works and playable.

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Phone Storage
Phone Storage

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Move to SD card
Move to SD card

Modern Combat 4 and most graphics intensive games require big storage space, thankfully you can just insert a micro SD card and it will become your default storage space (32GB works just fine).

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