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AIR21 Launched Online Booking Website

AIR21 Launched Online Booking Website
AIR21 Launched Online Booking Website

AIR21 prides itself by getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Now, it aims to process transactions quicker by launching AIR21 Online Booking.

This website is the first of its nature in the Philippines for it incorporates booking, payment processing, shipment pick-up and delivery seamlessly. Customers can access this platform by visiting

AIR21 Online Booking is equipped with all the functions needed to facilitate logistics transactions in an instant. The user-friendly website includes an address book of frequent consignees and an auto-fill way-bill that is already customized for printing.

Since it is done online, client information and payment transactions are kept secure via a Secure Socket Layer Certificate. This also means that refunds can be given as long as the transaction is reported as soon as possible. Likewise, the online nature provides a wider service area for Air21 to operate on.


To create an account, customers have to accomplish a basic information sheet and create an address book of consignees. After finishing these steps, a verification code will be sent through e-mail. Once the code has been placed, the account will be activated.

New and existing Air21 customers won’t have a hard time navigating through the system because every detail that can be found in the paper way-bill is also in the Online Booking way-bill. Therefore, the same level of efficiency that Air21 has been provided over the years can now be experienced through requests done via the Internet.

The packages accepted via the Air21 Online Delivery are the following: SuLight (Extra Small, Small Box), Bulilit Box (3kg), and Hebigat Box (5kg, 10kg, and 20kg). To try this convenient service, visit

Air21 is under Airfreight 2100 Incorporated, which is the exclusive licensee of Federal Express Corporation since 1984. Meanwhile, the Air21 brand was officially launched in 2002. Consequently, the Air21 Mobile App was launched in 2012.

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