Monday, September 8, 2014

Strife by S2 Games Now In Open Beta

Strife by S2 Games Now In Open Beta
Strife by S2 Games Now In Open Beta

Last August 2 in Imperium e-Sports Bar in Ortigas, Asiasoft Corporation Public Limited has announced that the "Strife" is now in Open Beta.

Open Beta means that the game can now be played for free by the general public without the Beta key. In addition, players can now purchase in-game gems using Asiasoft's cryptocurrency (more info here).

Strife by S2 Games Now In Open Beta

The Strife, is the latest Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) developed by S2 Games and distributed in the Philippines by PlayWeb Games under the Level Up brand.

The game boasts strategic gameplay, accessible heroes, plus purchasable cosmetic upgrades. It breaks away from the typical MOBA norms and instead focuses on improving game mechanics making it suitable for both new and veteran players.

Strife by S2 Games Now In Open Beta

Some of the key features include modified reward system wherein the in-game gold is shared equally among all team members allowing them to focus on the game and their opponent. They also improved the matchmaking system, the role-play attributes, in-game pets and crafting of items.

To know more about Strife you can go to and to download the game (around 2GB) you can visit

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