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Seagate Rolls Out New Cloud Systems and Solutions Strategies

Seagate Rolls Out New Cloud Systems and Solutions Strategies
Seagate Rolls Out New Cloud Systems and Solutions Strategies

Seagate Technology strengthens its position as a trusted storage solutions leader by delivering reliable cloud systems and solutions.

The company aims to build a formidable Intelligent Information Infrastructure system to help organizations manage growth in digital data. To drive into the right direction, Seagate has acquired the companies Xyratex and EVault to bolster their force on cloud systems.

Also, Seagate has upgraded its cloud systems and solutions offerings in four areas. First off, their high-performance computing solutions combine ultra-dense data enclosures, operating system, hardware controllers, and the Lustre® file system in a consolidated, scale-out high-performance-computing platform. All of these are offered while the complexities associated with deploying and maintaining traditional high-performance systems are eliminated.

Likewise, Seagate provides Intelligent Information Infrastructure solutions for DIY organizations that prefer to build custom systems for object storage. These independent systems can meet any capacity and performance demands, including engineered solutions, private back-up cloud appliances and references for open source and software-defined storage.

Also, Seagate has provided over 2 million enclosures and 17,000 petabytes of storage for our OEM customers. Seagate’s open Intelligent Information Infrastructure program provides private label systems and components for vendors to deliver the highest quality information infrastructure products such as storage drives, embedded server modules, and data enclosures.

Meanwhile, Seagate, and its partners provide secure public cloud solutions for organizations that need backup, disaster recovery or active archive. With over 25,000 customers, the Seagate cloud services ecosystem provides a number of backup, recovery, and rapid archive solutions for its clients. In connection with these, Seagate has four new products: the ClusterStor 9000 Solution, the ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance, and the EVault® Enterprise Backup & Recovery Appliance.

ClusterStor™ 9000 solution, available today, is a fully integrated Lustre-based scale-out solution designed for HPC and Big Data customers who need to reliably plan, deploy and sustain maximum optimal application performance. Aside from delivering 50% higher performance than previous ClusterStor platforms, it also includes the GridRAID™ technology, which provides 400% faster rebuild times, reduced management tasks and operating costs.

On the other hand, ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance (SDA) has received security certification to satisfy US government Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503 policies and related cross-domain requirements. Finally, the EVault® Enterprise Backup & Recovery Appliance now accommodates up to 100TB of usable capacity.

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