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Skillshot Labs Releases "Immunition: Game of Cells"

Skillshot Labs Releases "Immunition: Game of Cells"
Skillshot Labs Releases "Immunition: Game of Cells"

Game developer Skillshot Labs has just released a new mobile game called "Immunition: Game of Cells" which is a turn-based strategy game featuring armies of microbial creatures battling against each other. Gameplay is comparable with Battleship but with a slight twist.

Players can choose to become Viruses, White Blood Cells, Parasites, and Bacteria with each breed having its strength and weaknesses. Viruses create better damage while White Blood Cells are skilled in scouting and empowering their units. Meanwhile, the Bacteria have great healing powers while Parasites have increasing power.

To hone your skills, you can play in practice mode with an AI. Meanwhile, the multiplayer feature is where the real action is, as each player take turns in defeating their enemies. Also, a local multiplayer feature that allows one game to be played on multiple devices is in the works. Immunition: Game of Cells is now available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices respectively.

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