Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Salarium Announces Major Improvements in Core Product

 Salarium Announces Major Improvements in Core Product
 Salarium Announces Major Improvements in Core Product

Salarium has been around the Philippines to simplify the payroll system for businesses. The company has been improving its services over the course of its presence, and it has now announced a major update and an overhaul of the application that focuses in the attendance and approval modules. Weekly time sheet views, hour types, shift visibility, projects/tags, time disputes, and a better UI are all in tow to improve the workflow of companies.

Now with a complete overhaul, the approvals module now comes with a mobile friendly version. This allows employers to pre-approve, or override an employee's request when they are in the upper tier in the approval workflow.

Furthermore, employees can now see a full breakdown of their attendance via the attendance page. Records of attendance are also now grouped by day, so users can see them in more details. There's now a new Hours Worked page where users can add their hours on their own.

According to Salarium CEO Judah Hirsch, the update enables the company's clients in getting better insights and management of their workforce. Furthermore, not only will the new attendance module bring loads of improvement in HR management, it will also aid in automating company processes.

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