Sunday, May 15, 2016

Samsung Gear S2 Brings Innovation in Physical Training

Samsung Gear S2 Brings Innovation in Physical Training
Samsung Gear S2 Brings Innovation in Physical Training

In the world today, our mobile devices are at the center of our daily lives. Be it for our work and for our daily activities, we are now capable of tracking most of the things we do using our smartphones. Now, it's no secret that there is already a wide array of offerings that can also monitor real-time health statistics, which now come with more compact offerings in the form of fitness bands. However, Samsung wants to offer something that's much more sophisticated and popular among the crowd, a smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2.

According to five triathletes Xander Angeles, Dwan Abanto, Arvin Alvin, Denise Hernandez, and Nico Valdez, the smartwatch technology have now become an indispensable tool for their training exercises. The members of the Tri Six Fix are now tracking their training programs all to the modern technology.

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The Samsung Gear S2 has been tailored to meet the needs of those that have an active lifestyle. They can track and monitor the status of their activities in real time, and it's even further improved all thanks to Samsung's S Health app, which monitors the most important statistics including heart and pulse rate.

The Gear S2 overall features a bright 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display, as well as the capacity to store up to 300 music tracks. It can even last about two to three days, and it's water proof and dust proof due to its IP68 durability rating.

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