Thursday, June 16, 2016

Apple iPhone 7 to Have Touch-Sensitive Home Button?

Apple iPhone 7 to Have Touch-Sensitive Home Button?
Apple iPhone 7 to Have Touch-Sensitive Home Button?

Over the years of the Apple iPhone's existence, the signature home button has always been clickable to give that tactile feeling whenever it is pressed. There have been many iterations of the home button since the original, adding several methods of accessibility as well as a fingerprint scanning feature to offer a far superior technology in security. However, it seems that's soon to change with the iPhone 7 now rumored to get a capacitive home key instead of the tradition clickable button.

According to a set of photos that surfaced from Mobipicker, the iPhone 7 may only have a lone capacitive circlular key on the bottom of the display panel. While this would lead one to believe that a fingerprint reader would now be out of the question, Qualcomm and Sonovation have already developed ultrasonic technology that can be operable even when it's under the glass.

Apple iPhone 7 Leaked Image
Apple iPhone 7 Leaked Image

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There have been several rumors that suggest Apple will be introducing a revolutionary shift in design with the iPhone 7, and a capacitive key, in a sense, could likely be in the cards. However, do take note that the images are still unverified, and it's still too early to tell if Apple will really be removing the signature home button. After all, it has been one of the traits that has been separating Apple from the rest of the smartphone manufacturers.

Source: Mobipicker

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