Sunday, June 19, 2016

Globe and PLDT IP Peering Deal Signed to Improve PH Internet

Globe and PLDT IP Peering Deal Signed to Improve PH Internet
Globe and PLDT IP Peering Deal Signed to Improve PH Internet

The state of the internet in the Philippines still calls for more improvements following the shift of economic and trading into the online spectrum. Smart and PLDT both have changed its face to start anew with its promise in alleviating the debilitating slow connection in the country, and we are yet to see the effects at this time. Now, it seems PLDT is furthering its efforts as the telecom giant has just announced that it has signed a bilateral IP peering agreement with Globe Telecom to make your internet experience much more pleasurable.

What is the IP Peering Agreement all about?

In essence, the IP Peering Agreement will make the content and applications that are hosted by PLDT accessible by Globe. Furthermore, it will also be recognized as local content to make them much more accessible.

At this time, about 90% of internet content frequently accessed in the country come from overseas. This causes more delays due to longer data transmissions and latency. As such, PLDT is in its way to build more data centers around the Philippines.

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The memorandum of agreement was signed Thursday, wherein both telco giants PLDT and Globe will let direct local traffic exchange between PLDT's PhlX and Globe's GIX, which is set to each other's own subscribers.

The new memorandum is now paving the way for the initial phase of the bilateral domestic peering within 30 days. Afterwards, the two telcos will then begin working on the "fuller" bilateral peering agreement within 90 days after the first phase.

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