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TCL Unveils Cityline C1 QUHD TV and TitanGold A/C Series

TCL Cityline C1 QUHD TV
TCL Cityline C1 QUHD TV

TCL, one of the world’s most respected brand for TVs, has introduced Quad Ultra HD in the Philippine market. The new state-of-the-art QUHD TV series aims to bring a modern cinematic experience to its audience using its cool and interactive features new to the home entertainment industry.

First released from its QUHD TV line-up, TCL’s latest product “Cityline” (C1) uses Quantum Dot Display Technology to produce picture quality, image detail and display effects which are better than Ultra HD.  With sizes from 50” and 55” to 65”, TV units are available in flat and curved designs. The screen takes only 9.9mm in thickness and is enclosed in metallic body and bezel for more premium feel. TCL has indeed combined great design with superb clear-crisp image quality.

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TCL TitanGold Air Conditioner
TCL TitanGold Air Conditioner

TCL is also widening its reach in the home appliance market by diverging into air conditioning division. With its release of TitanGold line-up, the company aspires to be known for designing and providing top-notch, high quality and reliable appliances. Designed to accommodate cooling needs of every Filipino family, these eco-friendly air conditioners are able to withstand rust and corrosion through its gold-plated aluminum louver fins. TCL A/Cs also feature 5-in-1 Health Filters namely Active Carbon Filter, Catechin filter, Photocatalyst Filter, Silver Ion Filter and Vitamin-enriching Filter for those health-conscious junkies wanting a breathable air free from contaminants.

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