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China Builds World's First Elevated Bus

China Builds World's First Elevated Bus
China Builds World's First Elevated Bus

Notorious traffic in EDSA and other parts of the metro has been an ongoing problem for so many years and up to this day, there is no concrete solution to solve it. Recently, the current administration is thinking of building cable cars as an interim remedy, but then again that is just a plan. How about a Transit Elevated Bus? Wait, what? Continue reading after the break to learn more.

Interior of Transit Elevated Bus
Interior of Transit Elevated Bus

The Transit Elevated Bus or TEB, also known as land airbus or straddling bus, as the name suggests, it is a huge or shall I say gigantic bus, wherein its body is elevated high enough for other vehicles to pass under it. Just imagine a monster bus, eating every car along its path. The compartment is 22 meters long, 7.8 meters wide and 4.8 meters high, elevated by 2.1 meters and can accommodate 300 passengers.

The TEB was unveiled last May 21 at the Beijing’s 19th International High-Tech Expo as a solution to severe traffic in China that is even worse than what we have here in metro manila. Last Tuesday, the TEB-1 has made its first ever road test in Qinhuangdao, N China's Hebei.

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What do you think of it guys, feasible or horrible? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: China News; Via: The Verge

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