Saturday, August 27, 2016

The LG V20 Gets its Renders Leaked

The LG V20 Gets its Renders Leaked
The LG V20 Gets its Renders Leaked

While Samsung has been on a roll with its latest releases such as the Galaxy Note 7, and before that the Galaxy S7 and its variants, it seems LG is cooking up something on its turf to even up the odds. Now, the LG V20 has been the subject of rumors and speculations following the South Korean tech giant’s teases about the smartphone. Now, a new set of leaks is showing the device in all of its glory.

The newly leaked renders show the LG V20, the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone. Based on the images, the V20 will be featuring the same dual-camera setup with dual LED flash that we’ve seen with its predecessor, the V10. To further add up the validity of the renders, the leaked images that have surfaced before are identical to past leaks. Design-wise, the V20 strays far from the V10, but it still looks impressive and premium.

LG V20 Front
LG V20 Front

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In other news, Google has previously confirmed that the LG V20 will be the very first handset to feature Android 7.0 out of the box. Furthermore, the V20 will also be featuring high-end audio performance, similar to or better than its predecessor.

LG will reportedly unveil the V20 at an event in San Francisco on September 6th, which is only less than two weeks from today. Let’s see if the rumors hold true when D-Day hits.

Source: PlayfulDroid

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