Friday, September 9, 2016

Apple Announces $150 True-Wireless AirPods

Apple Announces $150 True-Wireless AirPods
Apple Announces $150 True-Wireless AirPods

It’s probably common knowledge by now that Apple has ditched the 3.5mm standard for its new line of iPhones, namely the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Now, to alleviate this situation, Cupertino is including an adapter to let you hook in your conventional headphones to the Lightning port. However, this will also remove your chances of using it while you charge your phone. That’s a bit counterproductive. Now, if you want to do just that, Apple’s AirPods could be your thing.

The Apple AirPods are true-wireless earbuds. This means that you won’t be seeing any wires that connect to both ends of the earbuds. This new headset comes equipped with the company’s new W1 chip inside it, as well as dual optical sensors that detect that they are fitted to your ears and will only play audio in such instances. For further controls, you can also double-tap the headset to activate Siri.

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

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As far as the battery life concerned, the AirPods are rated at five hours per charge. That isn’t actually a lot, but there’s going to be a special battery-charging case that should add up to about 24 hours of battery life.

The Apple AirPods will retail for $159, thereby undercutting even other offerings such as the Gear IconX and Motorola’s Moto Verve that go past the $200 mark. On the other hand, true-wireless earbuds still seem to generate mixed receptions from consumers. It's easily lost, and having them would only pile up on the devices you have to charge overnight. What are your thoughts on the trend?

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