Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How to Know if Your New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Safe

How to Know if Your New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Safe
How to Know if Your New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Safe

The news from the media and concerns from the people have now alarmed users who are already with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablets, and those that are perusing it as a planned upgrade of sorts. Risks of battery explosions have been a hot topic as of late, but the South Korean tech giant is now hard at work to remedy the situation. Now, if you want to know if the Galaxy Note 7 you’re about to buy is safe, Samsung has laid out the details.

On the barcode label of the re-release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there will be a big blue “S” beside it. The symbol supposedly means “safe,” or it is just Samsung’s indication that it is, indeed, safe for use and the battery risks are no longer of concern. On the other hand, if it doesn’t, it will be in your best interest to return the unit you have to assure yourself that you’re getting a safe device.

Note 7 Box Marking
Note 7 Box Marking

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Do take note that these changes will only be made in certain territories where the faulty batteries were shipped. In this sense, handsets in China, which are unaffected from the issue, may not have the indication beside the barcode.

On the other hand, if you have lost your Galaxy Note 7’s packaging and you have no way of checking if it has the indication, Samsung is preparing an online database of IMEI codes that will tell you if you have a safe unit or not.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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