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HTC Concept Phone ‘Ocean’ Leaked!

HTC Concept Phone ‘Ocean’ Leaked!
HTC Concept Phone ‘Ocean’ Leaked!

HTC may currently have its hands full due to the looming announcement of the Google Nexus handset pair, or Pixel if you would so rather prefer. However, that isn’t stopping the company to develop something of its own to further the innovation process. As far as the latest leak goes, it’s still not clear if it’s a genuine leak or simply intentional, but it looks quite interesting so to speak. A new concept phone called “Ocean” has just leaked, with Evan Blass, a.k.a. @evleaks managed to re-upload the video on Twitter before it was removed from the page.

The HTC Ocean looks to be a concept smartphone that doesn’t include any physical buttons. But what it does have a set of touch sensors at the edges of the device itself for controls and such. It seems you’ll have to use various gestures instead of clicking on buttons to perform their standard functions from changing the volume to taking snapshots from the camera app.  Based on the video, the technology is called “Sense Touch.”

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It’s still unknown at the moment if HTC will go through with the concept. But with the smartphone industry going for features to win the crowd, we could see it in the near future.

Source: Cnet

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