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Samsung Galaxy C9 Appears at Zauba, Again

Samsung Galaxy C9 Appears at Zauba, Again
Samsung Galaxy C9 Appears at Zauba, Again

It goes without saying that Samsung is easily one of the busiest smartphone companies in the world today. The South Korean tech giant has been making headlines on a regular basis no matter the topic, and it probably won’t stop any time soon. Now, as if to further establish that fact, the company’s latest rumored handset, the Galaxy C9 once again surfaces from Zauba. However, unlike the previously reported information regarding its screen size, it looks like the handset will instead have a bigger 6.0-inch display.

 If you recall correctly, the Samsung Galaxy C9 first made the news when a listing on Zauba appeared, indicating that the handset features a 5.7-inch display. Now that another listing has appeared, it looks like there’s more to it. Based on the latest listing, the Galaxy C9 will have a screen size of 6.0 inches. However, another listing for a 5.7-inch handset of the same name is also in tow.

This could mean two things: it’s either Samsung will plan on releasing two variants of the Galaxy C9 to cater to both users that prefer bigger screen sizes and those who prefer more compact ones. On the other hand, it could just be an error from Zauba.

Either way, Samsung is rumored to launch the phone sometime later this year. So we’ll get to see what the company will have in store for the Galaxy C9 once it finally hits release date.

Source: GSMArena

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