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IPC Cites Hybrid Cloud Vital To Business Success

IPC Cites Hybrid Cloud Vital To Business Success
IPC Cites Hybrid Cloud Vital To Business Success

IP Converge Data Services, Incorporated firmly believes that medium to large enterprises with IT systems can succeed if they invest in Hybrid Cloud setups, public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and hardware-driven systems as key business strategies.

Hybrid Cloud is often used when a company would like to maintain their own applications, even if they create an access to the public cloud. This way, they can control a set of data and facilitate other important aspects such as disaster recovery and free exchange of data. In this set-up, companies only pay for the cloud components that they will need for operating. Though the private company's cloud and the public cloud are different entities, they can work together to accomplish some tasks by with the help of encrypted Internet connection.

Companies realize that hybrid cloud can help reduce costs while attaining business flexibility, responsiveness, and scalability. Likewise, this helps builders to find better infrastructure from third-party sources. In a study by the International Data Corporation, over 70% of companies in Southeast Asia are now employing this in their long-term IT strategy which enables them to configure its settings from one application or workload to another for optimal performance.

With digital transformation becoming an inevitable factor in business, more companies, organizations, and institutions are following suit. Thus, IPC lends credibility through their high-grade Cloud Servers which can become a permanent fixture for sustainable business growth

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