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Facebook Reactions Now Available on Comments

Facebook Reactions Now Available on Comments

Facebook has extended its Reactions feature to comments. Users will now be able to easily put reactions on a friend's comment without bothering to send an actual reply.

Previously only available on status updates and Messenger, Facebook Reactions can now be used on status comments to convey emotions. There goes the usual selection of Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry buttons that you can now use on someone's comment.

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Facebook Reactions go beyond the usual Like button. It allows users to see how their followers or friends feel towards the comments and posts in their news feed. It clearly has its disadvantage, though, as it somehow decreases users' interactions as you would rather put a reaction rather than responding and typing an actual response.

Still, this latest feature is a great and convenient way to express the love, happiness, sadness, awe, or anger you feel towards someone's comments.

You can now try adding reactions on your friends' comments, as Facebook has already rolled out the latest update on both the desktop and mobile version of the popular social networking service.

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