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Lenovo Shares New Foldable Laptop Concept

Lenovo Shares New Foldable Laptop Concept 

At an event held in New York, Lenovo shared some wild yet exciting ideas, which highlight its new foldable laptop concept supported with an image of a bendable laptop with a flexible screen.

The new concept shows off, as what can be seen on the image provided, a laptop that challenges the standard laptop design. Lenovo boasts that they will be using "advanced materials" and "new screen technologies" to make the foldable laptop possible.

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In addition, Lenovo points out that users will be able to "speak" to the laptop or make use of voice commands, although details weren't that specific.

On Twitter, the company posted the concept with a caption that includes "maybe someday" as well as "just a concept for now" and users were quick to voice out their opinions. The concept received skeptical reactions, although some were wishful.

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There's no guarantee that Lenovo's new laptop concept may become a reality, but clearly, it shows how far Lenovo is thinking into the future.

via The Verge

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