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Samsung to Release Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition

Samsung to Release Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition

By now, everyone must be aware of Samsung's struggle when the issue about the Galaxy Note7 blew up (literally) last year. Now, the South Korean tech giant plans to make it up to its customers by releasing a fandom edition of said ill-fated device.

Remember last March when Samsung announced that the Note7 will be refurbished and resold? According to a report from Wall Street Journal, the company will now be releasing a refurbished device dubbed the Galaxy Note7 FE (Fandom Edition).

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The Galaxy Note7 FE is said to feature different components than the original unit. As many as 400,000 units are expected to hit stores in South Korea starting July 7. However, there's no word yet as to how many units will be available outside its home country. The price hasn't been revealed yet, as well.

Many customers are reportedly still holding on to their Note7 devices. If the release pushes through successfully, the Fandom Edition of the Note7 will surely become a decent and safe replacement for last year's unfortunate device.

In addition, thanks to the successful launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung seems to have already recovered (if not completely) from the fiasco.

via The Verge

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