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Spotify Introduces Group Playlists for Facebook Messenger

Spotify Introduces Group Playlists for Facebook Messenger

Now with over 140 million users, Spotify excitedly introduces a new feature called Group Playlists for Facebook Messenger, allowing users to share their favorite music with friends.

In April, during its annual developer's conference, Facebook announced its collaboration with Spotify. Now, with the Group Playlists, users get to create Spotify playlists containing music that can be used on different occasions such as road trips, parties, or music sessions with friends inside the Messenger app.

To make use of this new feature in Messenger, simply tap the "+" button located at the lower left corner of the group chat window. You can then choose Spotify under the chat Extensions to start creating playlists. Everyone in the group chat can collaborate, add new songs to the playlist depending on their music tastes, and stream the songs together.

The cool thing about this new feature is that even friends who aren't on Spotify, which is now considered to be the world's biggest online music streaming service, can add songs and enjoy the new feature in Messenger.

The new Spotify Group Playlists feature in Messenger is now available on both Android and iOs.

Source: Spotify

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