MyPhone A818g Duo Review; Small But Capable

Anjie lou delos Reyes

MyPhone A818g Duo is the top of the line among the A818 series. It is a worthy upgrade from the original A818, it boasts a MediaTek MT6577 1GHz Dual-Core Processor and Android Jelly Bean out of the box.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review; Small But Capable
MyPhone A818g Duo Review; Small But Capable

Key Specs:
  • Dual SIM, Dual Standby
  • Tri-Band GSM/EDGE (both SIMs) and  Dual Band 3G (SIM 1 only)
  • 3.5" capacitive TFT touchscreen of HVGA resolution (320 x 480)
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1
  • 1GHz Cortex-A9 Dual Core CPU, PowerVR SGX531GPU MediaTek MT6577 chipset
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 4GB internal, expandable up to 32GB via micro SD
  • 3.2MP fixed focus main camera, geo-tagging, panorama, photo-sphere
  • VGA secondary camera
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • WiFi 802.11
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • FM Radio
  • Multimedia Player
  • MicroUSB
  • Bluetooth
  • Motion Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Led Notification
  • Great Audio Output

Main Disadvantages:
  • No hardware shutter key nor flash
  • Mediocre display
  • No light sensor


MyPhone A818g Duo Retail Package
MyPhone A818g Duo Retail Package

The retail package consists of the unit itself, standard micro USB charger/cable combo, stereo headset, quick start guide, phone suite, and warranty card. There is nothing really special about the retail package, however, the inclusion of the headset makes it a complete package (branded dual SIM phones like Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos does not even include a headset).

MyPhone A818g Duo Front

The overall design and build quality are quite nice, there is neither creak nor crank sound when holding it. The inclusion of the silver lining makes the phone look premium. The side bezels are quite thin, however, the top and bottom bezels seem to be a bit bigger. The curved design of the back makes it feels a little sexier.

Above the display there is an earpiece, on the left part you will find the LED notification (which is quite nice since other local or branded phones does NOT have it) and on the right side, there is the VGA camera for video calling as well as self-portrait imaging. At the bottom of the display, you will find the usual menu, home and back keys arranged from left to right respectively, the mouthpiece is also present here.

The micro USB and 3.5mm audio jack can be found at the top together with the power button. On the left side near the top, we can find the volume keys. There is nothing on the bottom and on the right side.

MyPhone A818g Duo Back with Open Cover
Back with Open Cover

The cover is plastic, which feels nice to touch and looks durable. The back houses the main 3.2MP camera, the usual MyPhone logo and the Philippine Map (which many users hate). Just below the map, you will find the loudspeaker.

Removing the back panel is not as easy as I thought, although there is a slot where you can start to open it, but it is still quite tight and slips thru my hand. Once removed, it reveals the battery rated at 1300mAh, the slots for the two SIM cards as well as the slot for the micro SD card for memory expansion.


MyPhone A818g Duo utilizes a stock Android interface with a very minimal tweak. It is running on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean (it is a premium, since other phones even the high-end ones are still stuck with ICS) which is quite fast due to project butter.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Locked Screen

On a locked screen, swiping the lock key icon towards the right side unlocks the phone, swiping it left directs to the camera interface and swiping it upward brings you directly to the message. On a locked screen, you can also access your notification panel. The notification panel includes several shortcuts such as Wi-Fi, BT, GPS, Data Connection & Airplane mode. Swiping it left will show brightness, timeout, and auto rotation. While swiping it right will bring audio profile shortcut (General, Silent, Meeting & Outdoor). While still on a locked screen, swiping the upper part (where the clock is resting) will bring the shortcut for music player. It also includes the shortcut for the system setting (just beside the date).

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Shortcuts under notification panel

If you have any notification you can directly access it on a notification panel which gives you several options to choose from. For example, a missed call will provide you the option to call back or to send a message.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Notification, Missed Call

Once you are on the home screen, you will be greeted with MyPhone wallpaper (you can change it anytime you want since MyPhone is kind enough to include wallpapers without their logo). The home screen includes five (5) panes that you cannot reduce nor add, at the bottom-center, you will find the app drawer icon at the center accompanied by two shortcuts on each side. On the left side, the default shortcuts are phone & contact while on the right side are message & browser. All these shortcuts can be edited based on your own preference.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable

Once you pressed the app drawer icon, you can now access the apps and widgets which you can swipe left or right. Here you can also access the play store any time by pressing the shortcut icon at the upper right-hand portion.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Apps & Widgets


The MyPhone A818g Duo relies on 1GHZ dual-core MediaTek MT6577 processor,  which is a well-known performer not only on local brands, but as well as foreign brands like Lenovo, Alcatel to name a few. It is coupled with a PowerVR SG531 GPU and 512MB RAM that we all know are capable hardware combinations.

It scores an impressive benchmark both in Antutu and Quadrant.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable


It uses a tabbed interface for groups, contacts and frequently contacted. If you are having trouble finding your contacts you can always utilize the search button at the bottom. Under the frequently contacted tab, any contact you "starred" will appear at the top.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
 Phonebook, Tab Interface

It has a virtually unlimited capacity with all the functionality you need. The application can display the contacts on both SIM cards. It is also a socially aware phone book that can display your online addresses from Gmail, Facebook, tweeter, etc. Adding a new contact will prompt you to where you want it to store.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Contacts to display & store

Each contact can contain multiple information such as emails, numbers, addresses, etc. You can also join contacts from multiple accounts.


Under settings-wireless & networks, you will find the SIM management. You can switch each SIM on or off to help you save battery (especially if you are only using one SIM). Other SIM management settings are as follows:

  1. Voice Call - you can choose SIM 1, SIM 2 or Always ask
  2. Video Call - you can choose SIM1 or SIM 2
  3. Messaging - you can choose SIM 1, SIM 2 or Always ask
  4. Data Connection - you can choose SIM 1, SIM 2 or off

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
 SIM Management

Remember that only SIM 1 is 3G capable, so better use it rather than SIM 2. Every time you change your SIM card it saves your preference and naming scheme (it will not allow the same SIM card name if they are different SIM cards).


The call reception is quite good, the sound at the earpiece is clear and loud. Smart dialing is also present which searches both names and numbers. While you are on a call, you can press the menu button and you will have the option to record the call. Thanks to the proximity sensor, the screen automatically turns off during a call.

If you enable the "always ask" option under SIM management for voice call, calling a contact will prompt you which SIM card to use. Under telephony, you can always toggle to which SIM card you are going to use by just swiping the notification panel (options are SIM 1, SIM 2 or Always Ask).

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
 SIM Toggle under Telephony


The messaging application is quite simple, the new button is found at the bottom left while the search button is at the bottom right. Above them are the messages which are based on the latest thread. The message thread is not color-coded, your message & recipient message has the same color. Your message goes on the right side while the recipient message on the left side. The message threads are based on the sender, and each message on a thread indicates which SIM card you used.

MMS shares the same editor as the SMS, if you click the attachment icon on the upper right hand of SMS editor it automatically converts the message to MMS.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable

The default keyboard is only the QWERTY type, you cannot change it to phone pad or other methods. It supports auto-capitalization, haptic feedback (vibration on keypress) and sound on keypress. It also offers an auto-correction.


For the email department, it consists of the stock email app as well as the Gmail app. The stock email app handles virtually every internet email. Adding an email account is quite easy you just need your email address and password then hit next and it will automatically look for the correct email settings. You can attach any file you want and can include CC/BCC. You can also change the frequency of sync, include signature and change the notification sound. Vibration for incoming emails can also be set.

The Gmail can automatically sync the Google account you use during the Play Store set-up. The Gmail app is basically the same as the email app, however, it limits your attachment to only picture or video. The workaround you can do is to go to the file you want to attach, press and hold the file and you will have the option to share it on Gmail and another different manner.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
E-Mail Apps

Both email apps can handle multiple email accounts.



MyPhone A818g Duo uses the stock Android gallery, you can arrange it based on Albums, Locations or Times. The camera shortcut is always present at the upper right hand. The gallery also houses both pictures and videos.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable

Video Player: Can play 720p MP4 Video

Like the gallery, it uses the stock Android video player that lacks the necessary codec support. The video player app will list all the supported video in your device (both on the internal storage and external SD card). It can only play .3gp, .avi and .mp4 videos, playing .flv or .mkv is no go. The good thing about the stock video player is that it can play 720p MP4 video smoothly (tried and tested using Gentleman video with a file size of 80MB). You can play the video as a normal, stretch or full screen. There is also an option to share the video thru Facebook, email, etc.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Video Player

Installing other popular video players will increase the supported files.

Music Player:

The music player has a tabbed interface, it will list the music based on four (4) categories, namely Artist, Albums, Songs & Playlist. It has the option to party shuffle, shuffle all or sound effects. Selecting sound effects will bring you to the equalizer settings. The equalizer has several presets like Normal, Classic, Flat, Rock, etc, you can also turn it off if you prefer.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Music Player

The music interface is quite simple, it provides the option to shuffle, repeat the current song, repeat all songs and even use it as a ringtone. The provided headset is quite good on my own preference.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Music Player Interface

FM Radio: Nice to have

Many people will say that FM radio is a thing of the past, but still, its inclusion is a bonus (it is something you can brag on SGS4 users). The FM radio interface is pretty neat and straightforward. It can search all the available channels (or you can add them manually) and you can also record your favorite music.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
FM Radio

Camera: Includes Panorama & Photo-Sphere

The camera is the department where it scores low. It maxes out at 3.2MP and does not even have a flash. The good thing is that it provides plenty of options like Capture Mode, White Balance, Color Effect, Scene Mode & others. It can also store location (Geo-tagged your photo) thanks to its built-in GPS.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable

One thing I really like about the camera is the inclusion of Panorama and Photo-Sphere (which I do NOT know why is missing on MyPhone A919i to the fact that it is their flagship).

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Panorama & Photo-Sphere

Video: @ VGA

The video interface has the same richness in terms of settings as of that the camera. The video resolution maxes out at VGA (640x480).

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable

Browsing: Pretty Fast

The MyPhone A818g uses the stock Android browser. The browser itself is quite fast, it loads the webpages even those with many images pretty quickly. It supports up to sixteen (16) tabs. Options include bookmark, history and save pages.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable


It handles the most popular games in Play Store without any lag or stuttering like Candy Crush, Temple Run 2 & 4 pics 1 word. Although I have not tested other graphics-intensive games, I believed they will work since the CPU/GPU combo is the same for those mainstream local before like the original MyPhone A919.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable

The main limitation is the storage for the total capacity is only 2.55GB (0.98GB of internal storage and 1.55GB of the phone storage). Even you have the micro SD card, it will not help since you cannot save the games into it only on the phone storage (this is something I hope MyPhone will resolve soon on their phones).

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable


The MyPhone A818g supports Triple Band GSM/EDGE/GPRS which can be used for roaming. It also supports dual-band 3G. However, keep in mind that only SIM 1 supports 3G. It supports tethering and hotspot.

Wi-Fi connection is good, it can get a good signal even I am upstairs (my router sits beside our home phone downstairs). It also supports Bluetooth and Micro USB.

The 3.5mm audio jack completes the list, I used the supplied headset, pioneer headset (without a microphone) and stock SGN2 headset (with microphone) and all of them work fine.


The MyPhone A818g Duo is well suited for work on the go. The productivity applications include Calendar, Clock, Calculator, Sound Recorder, Notes and To Do. What is missing is the King Soft Office, which you can always download at Play Store for Free.

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Calendar, Clock & Calculator
MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable
Sound Recorder, Notes & To Do


It also boasts a capable GPS with A-GPS support as well as GPS EPO assistance. Using the inbuilt Google Map, I manage to get a satellite lock at around 2 minutes, which is quite good (A-GPS and GPS EPO are on).

MyPhone A818g Duo Review: Small But Capable


The MyPhone A818g Duo is a capable handset that can fulfill your everyday activities (both for work and play). You can get rich features for a price that is less than 4000 pesos. Although some would tend to buy the competitor local brand (ehem Flare), but still many would find it more appealing in terms of looks (especially white). Also, MyPhone after-sales support is superb, just go to SM North EDSA - Annex and compare the number of persons in the queue.

Kudos to MyPhone for providing Filipino masses with affordable and nice quality smartphones.

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  1. Very Good And Informative Blog Sir.. ^^ KUDUS To YOU ALSO

  2. Madam/Sir if I may ask?? Obviously the Batt type is 1300mah, what can you say about its standby time?? talk time?? tnx :)

    1. I did not actually test the standby/talk time. However based on experience it was able to last the whole day (full charge at around 5am and still have more than 20% battery at around 7pm). Normal usage consist of 2 hours mobile internet, around 15 to 20 minutes call, 100+ message and few games.

    2. tnx @deloreyes0617 for the fast feedback, just to add, how about its charging time?? from its initial charge time?? when you bought the unit and its regular charging time thereafter?? coz i had this experience from my previous android phone that the battery deteriorates which for me that its cause of "overcharging" tnx for ur kind reply :)

    3. Initial charging time was about 3 hours, I'm not really sure. I usually charge the phone at around 12am or 1am, then unplug it at around 5:30 or 6am.

  3. thank you so much for making a review for a818g, kudos to you!

  4. based sa review and sa comments niyo sa tingin ko very good ang phone nato.

  5. Exeptional detailed review. Keep doing this!

  6. pls. help.. why hindi ko maconnect sa internet un A818g duo.. kahit anung sim ayaw magconnect.. like sa globe.. not compatible to receive setting same with sun sim.. ang hirap..
    thanks thanks.. pls help me..

  7. create manual settings sa phone.

    anyways, ang ganda ng phone na ito. gamit ko sya for a week at hindi ako nadisappoint.

  8. ang ganda ng phone na ito. 4 days palang sa akin and i love it. hindi siya mahal pero magandang klase. matibay pa.

  9. experience ko dito 1% na lang yung batt ng 11:30pm. nagptugtog ako ng radio habang natutulog. 3am na siya nagshutdown at nalowbat! ang galing!

  10. ask ko lang po, pwde po ba ito lagyan ng anti-virus to protect my files just like in lenovo a390?

  11. since games can only be stored to phone memory, up to how many games can it store?
    tnx for the review u've made, it's so convincing to try and buy one ;D.
    tnx narin po sa reply.

    1. It depends on the size of the apps/games that you will install..

  12. Hi, How Can I extend the Battery life? My phone is new and It seems that the battery is easily drained within the day even I don't use it. Pls reply.

    1. Turn off, GPS/WiFi/BT/Data when not in use. Turn-off auto sync kung hindi naman kailangan.

  13. Thanks for the review, really informative! I'm planning to have my boyfriend buy this as his first android phone. We are on a tight budget. Do you recommend this one or is there a better phone within the same price range? Ang pinagpipilian ko is Samsung Galaxy Star and this one. really appreciate if you can share your thoughts. Thanks much!

    1. Choose a818g because galaxy star only has 1 ghz single core processor

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. bakit po madaling malowbat ung sa akin ? pero over all I really like it

    1. Turn off data connection and auto sync like FB or Twitter.

  16. How was its front cam? :)

  17. Mabilis siya mabawasan ng percent. I just finished charging my phone (myphone a818g) paggising ko ulit it was 97% na lang. :/ pero maganda yung phone. :)

  18. Help po. My bf's phone bought this a week ago. I's a good phone! Pero he noticed today lang na when he played games or browse the phone it heats up (yung buong phone umiinit). Pero when texting no problem. Please help po

  19. Can you post some picture samples and video samples?

  20. Pls help anong battery ang pde palit dito kasi madali mag lowbat ang 818g ko. Thanks

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  22. Guys Im Planning to buy an android phone this december

    Gusto ko sana yung entry level android phone lang.

    Heres my choices.

    Myphone A818g and Myphone Rain 3g

    which of those 2 sa tingin niyo po yung okay. ThANKS PO

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  26. Good day, nice review, i have been meaning to ask, you mentioned "The main limitation is the storage since the total capacity is only 2.55GB (0.98GB for internal storage and 1.55GB for the phone storage)." in your review, but the phone is suppose to have 512 of RAM and 4GB internal. where is this internal 4GB?

  27. hai guiz magpapatulong lang po ako kasi nagdadalawa kasi ako sa a818gduo at a848 ano poba ang masmaganda sa dalawa kasi this my dream to have a android phone ko plsssssssssss may god bless u all and have a good health always guiz

  28. hai guiz magpapatulong lang po ako kasi nagdadalawa kasi ako sa a818gduo at a848 ano poba ang masmaganda sa dalawa kasi this my dream to have a android phone ko plsssssssssss may god bless u all and have a good health always guiz

  29. hi! a818g duo user po ako. nakalimutan ko yung password ko kaya di ko po siya magamit. may alam po ba kaying way para matanggal ko yung password at magamit ko ito ulit? TY

  30. Paano po b mtatanggal ung headset icon? Kng ndi nmn nksaksak ung headset.

  31. Hello a818g Duo User din ako, Ang prob ko is hindi ganun ka-accurate yung touchscreen nya ? Lalo na sa Keyboard ?
    Tinalo pa sya ng Samsung Galaxy Y ko Which is Kaya kong magtext w/o Looking sa QWERTY Keyboard nya. W/ Correct Things na Pinindot mo ..

    Sa a818g Duo Hindi ganun -__-"
    Tsaka isa ko pang napansin na prob sknya is yung HEADSET JACK nya,

    Nagtry kse ako ng J4T Recorder for Audio Recordings for some reason
    Gumawa ako ng Custom Microphone na Pede sa Android OS/ Smart Phones at Special Cable kung san pede mong i-connect yung mic and Headset at the same time, Same Lng yung Ginawa ko sa Sistema ng HEADSET NA MAY MIC
    But the thing is HINDI GUMAGANA YUNG Ginawa ko so i tried kung gagana sya sa Headset na may biult-in mic, and TADA Its NOT :(

    Ask ko lang if Sa OS or Hardware na sya ?
    TY More Power :)

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