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Friday, July 5, 2013

Back Part of Nokia EOS/909 Appeared!

Image Courtesy of @evleaks

The Nokia EOS is one of the most anticipated devices from Nokia, and there are already many rumors that came with it in the past. Many are expecting that it will be the Lumia counterpart of the Nokia Pureview 808.

Today @evleaks twitted two consecutive information for the said device. The first twit was about the back of the Nokia EOS or Elvis that is bound for AT&T. The back of the device was similar to the leaked photos that we saw at GSMArena last month. Many people already concluded that this is the Lumia 1020. However after a while another twit came out indicating that it will be dubbed as Nokia 909 instead of Lumia 1020.

The naming scheme seems to be logical since the current camera phone was named Nokia 808, although in my opinion it is better to be called as Nokia Lumia 909 to incorporate both of being a camera phone and a Windows 8 device. Whatever the name, it will be a great challenger in upcoming camera phones from another manufacturer such as the Samsung Galaxy Zoom.


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