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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cherry Mobile Bigger and Brighter

Bigger and Brighter

Cherry Mobile posted a new teaser both on their Facebook page and Twitter account dubbed as "The world is about to get even better." The teaser is accompanied by a picture as shown above, with bigger and brighter written in bold letters. There is also a transparent C and the background seems to be a galaxy or universe.

With this, people are getting mixed emotions, many people are complaining why are they releasing their gadgets so fast especially that the Razor was just started selling last July 19. People are even bashing that they should pay attention first with their service center rather than releasing phones so often.

On the other hand CM fans are getting excited, many speculations are coming out. Many think that this is the answer of CM to the MyPhone Iceberg. Could it be the Cruize 2.0? Or Maybe Titan 2.0? Still we don't know, but I believe that the "bigger" means a larger display. But how about the "brighter" does it mean a Full HD display or OLED display? Let us wait a few more days and for sure they will slowly reveal it to public.

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