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Vivo V9 Velvet Red

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

MediaTek True Octa-Core Announced


MediaTek announced the worlds first True Octa-Core chipset for smart devices. We first heard the Octa-Core term when Samsung released their Exynos 5 processor but we learned that it is just a marketing gimmick since only one set of four cores are firing up in a given event. Motorola also used that term in their X8 Mobile Computing System (SoC that powering the recent Motorola Droids) but it is worse than Exynos 5 since it is just a combination of dual core CPU, quad core GPU and 2 sensors.

MediaTek is the first to adapt the authentic octa-core SoC in mobile computing, it means that all eight cores can work at the same time. This means that users can enjoy web browsing (downloading and HD video streaming), hardcore gaming or other heavy load multitasking without lag times or excessive battery consumption.

Samples were already given to customers and full production is expected by November this year. We can expect to see devices running this chipset by first quarter of 2014. Definitely we will see devices from local brands, however I still hope that one day MediaTek can tap bigger names like Samsung so that we can see cheap powerful phones made by huge brands. Imagine, Samsung Galaxy line powered by MT6592 for only PHP12,000.

Source: MediaTek

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