Android for Beginners: Installing Apps and Games

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Play Store

After buying your first Android gadget, I am sure that you are very excited to learn its interface and what you can do with it. Most people will typically install games since phone manufacturers seldom included them. Then you paused for a little while and asked, how can I do it? There are several ways to do it, for this tutorial we will only discuss installing from Google Play Store.

This is the easiest way and of course the legal path to do it. You just need to look for the Play Store icon and press it. If you have not set-up your account it will prompt you to create one, if you have existing email you can use it to do so otherwise you can create a new email. In this process internet connection is essential, you can use either your mobile data connection or thru Wi-Fi.

Play Store Set-up

Follow the instruction on your device that will walk you through in completing your Google account. Note that there is a portion, wherein you will be asked to enter your credit card details, but you can simply skip it (since not all applications are free a credit card is needed to purchase them). Once completed, you will now see the Play Store landing page.

Play Store Page

You can either use the search button on the upper right portion to look for your favorite apps or games. You can also tap on the Categories or any other section below the green line to easily filter what you are looking for.

When you find the app or game you want, simply click on install button, an App Permissions pop-up box will appear, informing you that the said app or game needs to access a certain phone activity. If you are good with it, tap on accept button and the downloading process will begin. You can continue or keep on shopping while waiting for the download to be finished, you can also do anything on your devices since it will run in the background. Once finished, you can now open it and enjoy.

App Installation

Once installed, you can look for it in the app drawer to open it (tip, if you have a favorite app you can tap and hold it from app drawer and you can paste it on your homescreen for easy access). To know more information about the app you downloaded you can go to Settings>Apps and click the desired app, it will show you several information such as its storage and from there you can also move it to your SD card if supported.

App Info

There you go, that is how simple installing an application or game to your Android device using Google Play Store. In our next tutorial, we will teach you how to side load them, which means that they will come from other sources. Hope this has been informative and hopefully you can share your thoughts or ideas by commenting below.

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