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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Smart Communications Tests LTE - Advanced

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Smart Communications in cooperation with Huawei recently conducted tests of the fastest mobile data connection, the LTE-Advanced.  The test were able to achieved a whooping 210Mbps connection which proves that Smart is ready to face the challenge of modern technologies of network infrastructure.

The LTE-A is currently the most sophisticated mobile network available and only few countries so far has adopted, in theory it can reach a top speed of 700Mbps. The new mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A and LG G2 offers the capability of taking advantage of such technology.

What can we do with a 200+ Mbps speed? Imagine downloading a Full HD movie with 10GB of size in just 50 seconds. Streaming a 1080p video or possibly Ultra HD (4K video) without experiencing any lag.

Hopefully we can experience this soon and hopefully they would offer it unlimited at a price point we are enjoying right now. Do you think Smart can offer it as early as this year or we need to wait until 2014?

Source: Smart Communications


  1. I wish they would launch it very soon. It'd be nice to see we are a competent country when it comes to LTE. Only a few countries have launched and been testing it.

    Also their LTE service should be unlimited too. Sad it'll end on August 31. But it might be extended again. fingers-crossed! Smart LTE Advanced FTW!

    1. Thanks for the comment.. Please follow me at Twitter and Like my page at Facebook for updates..

  2. Hopefully uncapped ang service, sa South Korea kasi ung LTE palang nila aabot na sa 100Mbps..

  3. LTE FTW!
    FUP WTF! :D

  4. How I wish it has been launched fully because I can't wait again. But believing that when it is launch it will be unlimited.


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