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Saturday, August 24, 2013

SUN Traxx: Sun Cellular Music Portal


Sun Cellular launched their own music portal, the SunTraxx with over 3 million songs to choose from. You can get 5 Free songs when you register and any additional song thereafter will cost you 15 pesos . New tracks or songs can also be downloaded for 20 pesos.

If you take a deeper look, SunTraxx is the same with what their sister company Smart Communications is offering the Smart Music. If you could recall Smart partnered with Universal MCA Music to bring this kind of service to the Filipinos and it seems just logical to extend it to Sun Cellular subscribers to gain more audience.

SunTraxx Page
Smart Music Page

I believed the service will also available to another Telco, Talk N' Text which is also under the PLDT group of companies. I know the download fee seems to be expensive but actually it isn't, it is one of the most cheapest compared to other countries offering the same service. Many of you will think, why pay when you can download it for free?


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