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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Intel Announced A Tiny New Processor Called Quark

Intel Quark

Not all people are eyes-on at the Apple's event, in San Francisco Intel announced their smallest System on Chip ever made, the Quark X1000 at the 2013 Intel Developer Forum. Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich told the people in the press event that their company's plan is simple, lead every segment of the market, even those that are not yet available.

The CEO also showed a prototype which seems to be a smartwatch suggesting that this new chipset aims to smaller computing gadgets including wearable tech. According to him the Quark core is one-fifth of the size of the existing Atom core and consumes just one-tenth of the power that the Atom core draws.

Little by little wearable tech starting to shape the future, and with this kind of SoC we might be seeing not just a smartwatch but a computerwatch. As a person who works in a Semiconductor industry, I know Intel has more tricks on its sleeve and I believe that they already have 5nm SoC currently in development or maybe even smaller.



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