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Friday, September 20, 2013

NVIDIA Announced Tegra Note 7-inch Tablet Powered By Tegra 4

NVIDIA Tegra Note

Tegra Note is a complete tablet platform that embodies the NVIDIA brand in terms of Design, Hardware, Software (OTA updates and game development) and Accessories. It boasts a Tegra 4 chipset with quad-core Cortex-A15 processor (plus 5th battery saving core), 72-core GeForce GPU with an affordable price tag of $199.

The NVIDIA tablet will also feature a superb stylus with DirectStylus technology to maximize the capability of the 7-inch HD (1280x800) IPS screen. The stylus has interchangeable tips (chisel and brush) to suit your writing needs. It also packs a dual camera, the main one can shoot 5MP still while the front facing has VGA.

There is also a 16GB of on-board storage which is further expandable up to 32GB via a micro SD slot. This is a good thing since it can be your multimedia partner with its front-facing HD Audio speakers. You can also connect it to your big screen TV via its micro HDMI port.

The company also promised that it will run the latest Android OS available in the market and the update will come directly from them. It seems that NVIDIA is up in competing with the Nexus line wherein the original one was bearing their chipset. Hopefully its price would stay on that level when passed to consumer by retailers/distributor and if they do I know it would be a great success.

Source: NVIDIA

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