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Monday, September 9, 2013

Smart-Thuraya Partnership Brings Marino PhonePal Service

Marino PhonePal

Smart Communications partnered with Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading Mobile Satellite Service provider located in Dubai for the launch of its Marino PhonePal, a maritime voice service that connects thousands of Filipino seafarers to their loved ones.

The Smart has a current crew calling services for Asia Pacific but with the help of Thuraya it will now be expanded to the major sea route of New Zealand, Austria, Indian Ocean, Africa, Middle East and Europe. The service will cost 18 pesos per minute of call which is quite affordable.

Aside from the calling service, they will also launch the Data Service for seafarers which is the first for Smart. It will be done with the use of Thuraya's SatSleeve which connects to an Apple iPhone. SatSleeve is the world first and only satellite adaptor for iPhone.

iPhone with SatSleeve

This is a good news for Filipino seamen who stayed in the ocean more than they stayed in the land. It will give them the opportunity to connect with the people they love anytime they want.

Source: Smart

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