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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cherry Mobile Hero, 5-inch Quad Core Phablet For Php5,499

Cherry Mobile Hero

Cherry Mobile released a plethora of smartphones and tablets (as well as feature phones) for the upcoming holidays and one noteworthy of a second look is the Hero, a 5-inch quad-core phablet.

The CM Hero cost only 5,499 pesos bundled with a power bank which make it a sweet deal. However this could also mean that it has a low battery capacity and the free power bank is the way to compensate it.

This is the second phablet with that pricing since the Thunder 2.0 had a price cut from Php6,299. Their specs have similarities too, both have a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 5" screen, 8MP main camera, 2MP front camera, with 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Cherry Mobile Thunder 2.0

The Thuder 2.0 has only 512MB of RAM, does it mean that the Hero will have just the same amount? I hope not since they managed to squeeze a 1GB memory with the cheaper Flare 2x.

As of now I still have limited information but when specifications are completed we will compare it to its siblings and with other models from competitors.


  1. CM Hero's RAM? 512 or 1?

  2. This could possibly be the Gfive A800: MT6582 quad-core (Mali GPU); 512mb RAM, 4GB NAND, qHD display, 1800mAh battery. Small battery explains the need for a powerbank. They should have called this the CM Cruize 2.0 :-)

  3. Sana 1gb ram nito.

  4. MT6582 sana tas 1G ang RAM. Parang Flare S but 5 inches

  5. Sana nga. Kundi parang Thunder 2.0 na iniba lang ang pangalan.