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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SKK Mobile SK8 Review: More Than A Tablet



The messages are listed based on the newest item, the number you see in the upper right portion corresponds to the number of unread message/s. If you have long lists of messages you can use the search icon.

New Message

The SMS and MMS share the same editor, if you attached anything on a message it will automatically be converted to MMS.

Message Conversation

Under any conversation, your message will be on the right side while the recipient is on the left side. You can also call that person by selecting the handset icon in the upper right hand.



The SK8 tablet has generic email and Gmail app pre-installed, both can can multiple accounts. Setting them up is quite easy, just enter your username and password and you are good to go.




The gallery houses both pictures and videos, they can be arranged by Albums, Location, Times, People or Tags.
Video Options

Photo Options
Photo Editor

Pictures and videos can be shared locally or online via email and social accounts. Photos can also be edited using the inbuilt Photo Editor.

Video Player:

Video Player

The video player will list all the movies/clips on your device, those that are playable will have their respective thumbnails. Other information available are title, length and file size.

Video Interface

The stock video player can play almost any file (except for the .flv) including .mkv. The videos which are 720p or lower can be played smoothly, 1080p are no go. Playing videos are quite pleasant on the tablet's 8-inch screen plus its loudspeaker also delivers good sound output.

Music Player:

Music Player

The music player uses tab interface, it will all songs on your device  and you can view them by artist, albums, songs or playlists. When you are playing a song and you minimize it there will be a mini player in the notification panel.

FM Radio:

FM Radio

There is also an FM radio on board and like most devices it requires a wired headset to work. You can search each channel manually or automatically, broadcast is playable thru headset or via loudspeaker and you can record them too.

Note: This is a multiple-page review, you can use the previous page or next page links below to navigate between pages.



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