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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SKK Mobile SK8 Review: More Than A Tablet




The camera and video interface is very simple, the upper left shows how much time/picture you can capture with your available storage while the upper right is the thumbnail of the last photo or clip.

Panorama and Multi-Angle

On the lower right you will see 4 small icons which correspond to camera, video, panorama and multi-angle respectively.

Camera Settings
Video Settings

The main camera can capture 2MP pixel still and VGA video. The video frame rate is a bit disappointing not only because it can only record 640x480 but its frame rate is also too low at only 7 fps.

The secondary/front facing camera resolution is only VGA both for pictures and videos (5 fps).

Sample shots:




The SK8 has stock Android browser, website loads quickly even those with lots of pictures and scripts. You can view the website in desktop mode without any worry of straining your eyes because you can read texts easily, there is also no re-flow when moving the pages up or down.

One Browser

Aside from the stock browser there is also "One Browser" installed. The upper part shows the address and search bar while at the bottom are the navigation controls.


Angry Birds
Temple Run
Fruit Ninja

Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Temple Run are pre-installed on the tablet and all of them are working without any issue.
Dungeon Hunter 4
Asphalt 7

Graphics intensive games like Dungeon Hunter 4 and Asphalt 7 are also both playable.

Install Location

The device has only 4GB of internal storage but you will be delighted that games can be moved to external SD card so you won't need to worry running out of space. I used 32GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC Class 10 and the device can handle it properly.

Note: This is a multiple-page review, you can use the previous page or next page links below to navigate between pages.



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