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Friday, April 5, 2013

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 Review: Distinct Sound Wave


Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 3G & Tethering
3G & Tethering

The Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 supports high speed mobile data connectivity via 3G on both SIM. This is very helpful if you are using two SIM cards from two different networks, even if one SIM has bad or no signal you still have the option to use the second SIM without the need to physically swap them.

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 WiFi

The phone can detect a wide variety of WiFi channels because it operates on the 802.11b/g/n. Signal detection is good, WiFi networks from different access points are detected.

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 OTG Support
OTG Support

It also supports on-the-go functions, 32GB flash drive and wireless mouse worked flawlessly. The Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack complete the list.


Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 Calendar

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 File Manager
File Manager

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 Calculator

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder

The productivity tools and organizer apps include the Calendar, Calculator, Sound Recorder and File Manager. The document editor/viewer and note taking app are both missing, luckily you can simply download them on the Google Play Store.


Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 GPS

The Sonic 2.0 has GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS, using the Google Navigation I was able to get a satellite lock almost in an instant (less than 5 seconds) which is the fastest I got so far from all the smartphones I reviewed so far.


Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 E-Warranty

The e-Warranty is where you can register your Cherry Mobile device in order to get a 15-month warranty.

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 Software Update
Software Update

The Software Update, is an over-the-air handshake between your phone and Cherry Mobile server wherein you can get the latest configuration regarding your device like O/S update.

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 Fun Club
Fun Club

The Fun Club is an 'Infortainment' application, here you can read news, your horoscope and many more.

Cherry Mobile Sonic 2.0 Cherry Play
Cherry Play

The Cherry Play is the own Application Store by Cherry Mobile.

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