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Monday, April 8, 2013

Kata i2 Review: Better Than Before



The messages will be displayed according to the latest time stamp, the number that you see on the upper right corner corresponds to the number of unread message/s. You can delete each thread selectively or all of them at once. You can also create a shortcut of a specific message thread to your homescreen.

Creating a new message can be done by selecting the icon on the lower left corner.

New Message

You can add recipient to your message using name or number input or selecting the icon across it. The SMS and MMS share the same editor, when you attach anything (by selecting the cross inside a green circle) to an SMS it will be converted to MMS.

Message Conversation

Under a certain conversation, messages are presented in a chat-like format, blue bubble for you and gray for the other person. The space for your message starts with one line and grows up to five lines. Chat wallpaper and notification settings are available when you select menu>chat settings.



The Gmail app automatically syncs with the account you use in the start-up, if you need to add additional account just go to the Gmail settings. The Gmail app only accepts picture or video by default, so if you want to attach other files like .pdf you need to go to the file manager, locate that file and share it via Gmail.

Generic Email

There is also a Generic Email app to handle POP, IMAP or EXCHANGE email, it can handle multiple account and setting it up is quite easy, just enter your username and password and hit next and you are good to go (this is only applicable if your email settings are available online, otherwise you need to manually configure them).




The gallery is the place where you can find both pictures and videos stored in your device. You can sort them by Albums, Locations or Time.

Photo and Video Options

The photos and videos can be shared locally or online. You can view the pictures thru a slideshow, crop or edit them.

Photo Editor

The photo editor can be accessed when you select edit in a particular picture or select the 3 overlapping circles. It gives you the option to add custom frames, effects, adjust exposure and much more.

Video Trim

There is also editing option for your videos called trim, here you can select any two points of a video and save it as a new video file.

Video Player:

Video Player

The Video Player will list all known video files, those that are playable will have a thumbnail displayed. The Kata i2 has also MX Player pre-installed so if you will select a movie or clip it will ask you which player it will be.

Video Player

The stock video player can play all the files I threw at it, .avi, .flv, .3gp, .mp4 and .mkv. All files with 720p resolution and below are OK, 1080p is no good though.

MX Player

The MX Player gives you more important options like displaying the subtitle. You can also decode the video using Hardware or Software.

1080p S/W Mode

As mentioned above 1080p cannot be played using the stock player but you can play it using the MX Player as long as you are using S/W decoder.

Music Player:

Music Player

The music player displays all songs on your device whether it is in the internal or external storage. If a certain song has an album art, it will be displayed accordingly when played. A mini player will be available in the notification area when when a music is playing and you minimize it.


The music player has an equalizer (turned off by default), you can access it under sound effects.

FM Radio:

FM Radio

The FM Radio needs a wired headset to work, channels can be set manually or let the app scan them automatically. The broadcast can be played thru the headset or via the loudspeaker, recording it is also available.

Note: This is a multiple-page review, you can use the previous page or next page links below to navigate between pages.



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