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Monday, April 8, 2013

Kata i2 Review: Better Than Before


Dual 3G

The Kata i2 supports dual 3G, this means you can set either SIM for high speed mobile data connection. This is useful when you are using two SIM cards from different networks, in this manner you can switch the data connection to the SIM which has 3G signal.


It supports 802.11 b/g/n which means it can detect different wireless channels. The signal reception is OK although it is weaker when compared to other device like SKK Mobile Chrome.


Even though you will still the label external USB storage under Settings>Storage, the i2 does NOT support OTG. The 3.5mm audio jack and Bluetooth completes the connectivity list.


KingSoft Office
File Manager
Sound Recorder
To Do
Adobe Reader

The productivity tools are standard Android applications such as Calendar, Sound Recorder, To Do, Clock, File Manager and Calculator with the addition of KingSoft Office and Adobe Reader.


Location Access and GPS Satellites
Google Map, Local and Navigaton

The i2 has GPS with A-GPS and EPO assistance, I used Google Navigation to test it and I got a satellite lock in just under 2 minutes.


Fish Market
Fish Tune

The Fish Market is the Kata's own app store while the Fish Tune is an application to sync your music, photos or videos into multiple devices.


Battery Stats

I left the Kata i2 open for more than 12 days and there is still about 13% battery left. I played Asphalt 7 for one hour and the battery dropped from 100% to 76%. In normal use, it will last for more than one day.


The Kata i2 is indeed a better device than its predecessor and with the price tag of just Php7,699 it is a worthy upgrade coming from the Kata i1 or any other dual core smartphone. Performance wise, there is almost nothing at all to complain about (except for the Camera). It can play HD videos, play graphics-intensive games and much more.

Hardware wise, this is the department where the i2 is inferior to competitors. To begin with, it only has qHD resolution whereas others have HD or even full HD. The screen is not scratch-resistant wherein most high-end or even mid-range devices have either Corning Gorilla or Asahi Dragon Trail glass protection. But with its price I believe it is just fair.

Note: This is a multiple-page review, you can use the previous page or next page links below to navigate between pages.


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