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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 Review: It Is A Camera Than A Phone



The messaging holds both SMS/MMS and online chats like Facebook, they are listed as threads. Each person you had conversation has its own thread. When replying to any message it will remind you which account you want to use.

To create a new message just press the + sign, the recipient box accepts name and number. When you use the name it will search matching contacts in your phonebook.

Messaging Settings

Under messaging settings you can enable back-up, delivery confirmation and group text.


Email+Account settings

The email app in Lumia 1020 can handle multiple accounts, for this review I used Hotmail.


Emails can be arranged according to the newest time of arrival or by conversation. The emails can be viewed by unread, flagged or urgent messages.


Navigation between emails are done using the left and right arrow below the messages. The major downside is you can only attach pictures, and since there is no system-wide file manager there is no workaround for it.

Keyboard Settings

The keyboard all throughout the Lumia interface is a standard qwerty type and no option to convert it to another type.

Hotmail Settings

Under Hotmail settings you can turn on/off the conversation mode, email signature as well as the option to always BCC yourself when you send email.

Sync Settings

In the sync settings you can specify the number of days you want the emails to be downloaded and how often you need to download them (as items arrive, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly or daily).




The photos hub is what we are generally known as gallery, you can set your favorite photos as backgrounds for the hub. Here you can also view the pictures shared by those people in your social networks such as Twitter.

Photos Hub Options

You can view the photos in the hub by camera roll, albums, date or people. The camera roll list all the pictures and videos you have taken using the Lumia 1020. The albums will display all the pictures on your device including the photos in your SkyDrive as well as the albums in your Facebook accounts.

The date options will list all the images in your device by month. Under the people option, when you select a certain contact its Facebook album will be displayed accordingly.

Tap+Send Settings

Photos can be shared via Tap+Send (NFC), Messaging, Email, Facebook, OneNote and Twitter.

Photo Beamer

There is also a PhotoBeamer app wherein your photos are stored temporarily in Nokia servers for the purpose of viewing them on

Photos+Camera Settings

Under application settings you can turn on/off automatic SkyDrive upload. Here you can also find other options for the camera.

Note: This is a multiple-page review, to navigate between pages please kindly use the previous page or next page links below. 

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