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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Review: Optical Illusion


SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Messaging

The messages are arranged based on the latest time stamped, if you have unread message/s there will be a number on the upper right which corresponds to the total unread message/s.

The conversations are shown in a chat-like manner, your message is on the right while the other is on the left with blue bubble.

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 New Message
New Message

The input box accepts name and number inputs, to include multiple recipient just put a comma after each number/name. You can attach almost anything on the message, and if you do it will be converted to MMS.


SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Email

The stock Android email app can handle POP3, IMAP and Exchange emails from multiple accounts. Setting it up is quite easy, just enter your username and password then hit next and you are good to go.



SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Gallery

The gallery houses both pictures and videos from your device, it can be filtered by Albums, Times and Locations as well as view them in grid or filmstrip.

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Gallery Options
Gallery Options

Both photos and videos can be shared locally via Bluetooth or online via emails or social accounts.

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Photo Editor
Photo Editor

If you want to do small editing of your pictures before sharing or saving them, you will be glad because there is a photo editor installed. You can access it by selecting the edit option in any specific photo.

Video Player:

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Video Player
Video Player

The video player will list all supported video files on your device including its thumbnail, title, length and file size.

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Video Player Interface
Video Player Interface

The player was able to play almost every file I threw at it such as .3gp, .mp4, .avi and .mkv up to 1080p resolution. However, when playing full HD videos you will notice some hiccups, so I suggest better stick to 720p.

Music Player:

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Music Player
Music Player

The music player uses a tab interface, your musics can be displayed by artist, albums, songs or playlist. If there is an album art incorporated into a song, it will be displayed accordingly when played.

FM Radio:

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 FM Radio
FM Radio

The FM radio needs a wired headset connected to your phone in order for it to work. You can use the search function to save all the available channels or do it manually. Any broadcast can be played through the loudspeaker and you can record them as well.

Note: This is a multiple-page review, to navigate between pages please kindly use the Previous Page and Next Page links below.

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