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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Review: Optical Illusion


SKK Mobile Mirage S1 3G Connectivity
3G Connectivity

The Mirage S1 supports 3G connectivity and you can assign which SIM will use it. Also, you can share your high speed data connection via USB or WiFi Tethering.

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 WiFi

The S1 can detect a wide range of signal channels and supports WiFi direct and WPS Pin. One thing I noticed though is that the signal is weak compared to other device I had at home.


SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Calendar

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 File Manager
File Manager

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Calculator

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Clock
SKK Mobile Mirage S1 To Do
To Do

The productivity tools are all stock Android applications such as Calendar, Clock, Calculator, File Manager, Sound Recorder and To Do.


SKK Mobile Mirage S1 GPS

The SKK Mobile S1 has GPS with A-GPS and EPO supports. I used GPS Test to check if it is working and indeed it works fine. I was able to get a quick satellite (9) lock (less than 10 seconds) even if my data connection is off.


SKK Mobile Mirage S1 Battery Percentage
Battery Percentage

It is equipped with a 1700mAh battery and it is big enough for a dual core device. Playing Asphalt 7 for 1 hour and 20 minutes only consumed 34% of the battery capacity. Surprisingly after one hour of voice call, I still have 99% battery left.


The SKK Mobile Mirage S1 is a very capable dual-core device, it is equipped with the newest MT6572 chipset coupled with 512MB of RAM. It can play graphics intensive games as well as 1080p videos which is pleasurable to do with its 5-inch screen. The battery capacity is also enough to last for a day even with heavy usage.

The downside is the low resolution screen and lack of important sensors, not to mention its retail price costs as much as a quad-core device from other brands. The video capture capability is also disappointing at only 8 fps.

Still, the Mirage S1 is a good option if you are looking for an affordable 5-inch device without compromising performance.

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