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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Review: Jack Of All Trades


SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Messaging

The messaging app can be used for both SMS and MMS. The messages are listed based on the latest time of arrival, if you have unread message/s, a number will appear on the upper right (which corresponds to the number of your unread message/s).

Under a certain conversation, your message will appear on the right while the left part is for the other person. To convert an SMS to MMS simply attached anything to a message.


SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Email

The Tab 4 has a generic email app (no Gmail), it supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange mails. Setting it up is simple, just input your username and password and you are good to go.



SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Gallery

The gallery house both pictures and videos on your device. It can be arranged by Albums, Locations, Times, People or Tags. The camera shortcut is always present at the upper right corner just in case you want to add more items in your gallery.

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Picture Options
Picture Options
SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Video Options
Video Options

Both pictures and videos can be shared locally or online through supported applications like email or Facebook.

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Photo Editor
Photo Editor

Part of the Android Jelly is the Photo Editor, it allows you to modify a specific picture and it will be saved as a different object than the original.

Video Player:

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Video Player
Video Player

The 2160p icon that you see on the homescreen and in the app drawer is actually the video player. It will list all supported video files with information such as thumbnail, title, length and file size.

Selecting a specific video will you a pop-up window asking you where you want it to be played - MX Player Pro or the Video Player.

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Default Video Player
Default Video Player

The default video player has a good codecs support, it can play all the files I threw at it, .avi, .3gp, .mp4 and even .mkv as long they have just 720p resolution or below.

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 MX Player
MX Player

The MX Player has more options during playback and one important option is to show the subtitle. Although it still only plays 720p video. I tried to set the video decoding to S/W and it can play 1080p video, but the stuttering and lags are very noticeable therefore you will end up going back to 720p.

Music Player:

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Music Player
Music Player

The music player will list all your songs in your device, they can be viewed by Artist, Albums, Songs or Playlists. If there is an album art associated with a song it will be displayed accordingly. The music will keep on playing even you minimize the music app, a mini player will appear in the notification panel to quickly access it back.

FM Radio:

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 FM Radio
FM Radio

The tablet has a built-in antenna therefore you will not need a wired headset when you want to listen to your favorite broadcast station. The channels can be set manually or search automatically. Like the music player, the RM radio will keep working even if you minimize the app. It will run in the background and can be accessed again through the notification area.

Analog TV:

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Analog TV
Analog TV

The first time you run the Analog TV application, it will tell you that the channel list is empty. You need to select your region first and scan all the available channels in your area.

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Analog TV Interface
Analog TV Interface

Watching your favorite TV shows are enjoyable on this 7-inch tablet, however, there are times that the signals are weak, giving you a not so clear images (this could be area dependent since in my place Analog TV signals really sucks).

Note: This is a multiple-page review, you can use the previous page or next page links below to navigate between pages.

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