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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Review: Jack Of All Trades


SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Connectivity

The tablet has WiFi connectivity and the signal reception are just OK, it can detect even my neighbor's wireless signal. It can also connect to mobile data connection however, it would be painfully slow since it does not supports 3G.

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 OTG Support
OTG Support

The micro USB port supports OTG functions, it can detect a 32GB external flash drive without any problem. I also tested connecting a wireless mouse and it just worked fine.

The Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack complete the connectivity list.


SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Calendar

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 File Manager
File Manager

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Calculator
SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Clock

SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder

The productivity tools include the calendar, file manager, calculator, sound recorder and clock. There are no note taking app and document viewer/editor pre-installed but you can simply download your favorite stuff in the Play Store.


SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 Battery Stats
Battery Stats

I left the Analog TV with volume set to medium running for about two hours and the battery percentage drops from 100% to just 27%.


MultiLing Keyboard
MultiLing Keyboard

It supports tons of different languages as well as different types of keyboard layouts.

Ocean HD
Ocean HD

It is a 3D Live Wallpaper with smooth animation, it actually cost $1.99 in Play Store but it comes pre-installed in the Tab 4.



Facebook and Twitter apps are both already installed on the tablet, if you don't use them you can simply uninstall them to save storage space.


The SKK Mobile Phoenix Tab 4 is an all-rounder device, aside from being a tablet it has phone functionality too not to mention it supports dual SIM cards. There is also a  dual speakers which is quite nice for listening to musics, watching videos and your favorite TV shows on the go.

We all know that everything that is cheap comes with a price, first the screen resolution is just WVGA which is low for a tablet. Second it does not come with 3G connectivity and lastly the chipset used has just a single core CPU.

Overall, it is still a good and capable tablet in the budget category.

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