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Friday, April 5, 2013

Cherry Mobile Amber Review: Above Average

MULTIMEDIA (continued):


Cherry Mobile Amber Camera/Video Interface
Camera/Video Interface

The CM Amber camera sports a 5MP sensor accompanied by an LED flash. Along the normal mode, you can also shoot Panorama or activate the shutter when it detects a smile.

The upper right corner shows the thumbnail of the last photo or video taken, below it are the camera and video shutters followed by the settings button.

Cherry Mobile Amber Camera/Video Settings
Camera/Video Settings

The settings give you the ability to tweak camera exposure, color effects and others. Here you can also change the camera size and video quality.

Sample Shots:

Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Inside a restaurant
Inside a restaurant

Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Morning
Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Morning

Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Afternoon
Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Close-up with flash
Close-up with flash
Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Close-up without flash
Close-up without flash
Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Night with flash
Night with flash
Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Night without flash
Night without flash
Cherry Mobile Amber Sample Shot - Unable to capture the subject
Unable to capture the subject

The camera sensor in this phone is only fixed focus, therefore you need to rely on its focusing mechanism to get a decent shot. The flash is only useful if the subject is close otherwise you won't see any difference between when the flash is fired or not.

The shutter is also a bit slow, in the last sample shot, I pressed the shutter key when there is still no vehicle passing by but the processed image shows a vehicle.


The camera interface is shared along with the video mode. The video recording ability maxes out at 720p, below are the details in each video quality selected.

Fine - 720p

Audio - mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC 24000Hz  96 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)
Video - mp4v MPEG-4 Video

High - 640x480

Audio -  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC 48000Hz  96 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)
Video - mp4v MPEG-4 Video

Medium - 480x320

Audio -  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC 48000Hz  96 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)
Video - avc1 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

Low - 176x144

Audio -  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC 48000Hz  96 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)
Video - s263 ITU H.263 video (3GPP)

Whatever video quality it is, it always records at only 11fps.

Sample Videos:






Cherry Mobile Amber Browser
Opera Mini
Opera Mini

There are two browsers installed, one is the generic Android and the other one is the Opera Mini. Pages load quickly, even those full of images and those with a lot of scripts.


Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami
Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2

The top 5 free games in the Google Play Store namely Pou, Zombie Tsunami, Temple Run 2, Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfers are all working perfectly.

Plants versus Zombies 2
Plants versus Zombies 2
Dead Trigger
Dead Trigger
Dungeon Hunter 4
Dungeon Hunter 4
Asphalt 7
Asphalt 7

The graphics-intensive games like Plants versus Zombies 2, Dead Trigger 2, Dungeon Hunter 4 and Asphalt 7 are all playable without noticeable lags or hiccups.

Modern Combat 4
Modern Combat 4

The Modern Combat 4 is also playable, however, there are times you will encounter some hiccups.

Storage and Install Location
Storage and Install Location

The Amber has only 4GB of internal storage, but it is expandable via micro SD card. The external storage can be your default storage so that you won't need to worry running out of space when installing large file applications or games like the MC4.


Cherry Mobile Amber 3G & Tethering
3G & Tethering

The Amber supports dual 3G, which means you can set which SIM will have high speed mobile data connectivity. This connection can be shared via tethering in either Bluetooth, USB or Hotspot.

Cherry Mobile Amber WiFi

The Amber's WiFi uses the 802.11 b/g/n standards which means it can detect different signal channels. In terms of signal receptions, it works as it should, no sudden drop of signal experienced during the review.

Cherry Mobile Amber Bluetooth

The Bluetooth can be used to transfer files to and fro the phone, it can also connect to other hardware such as headset. The 3.5mm audio jack completes the connectivity list.


Cherry Mobile Amber Calendar
Cherry Mobile Amber Calculator
Cherry Mobile Amber Clock
Cherry Mobile Amber File Manager
File Manager
Cherry Mobile Amber Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder
Cherry Mobile Amber To Do
To Do

The organizing and productivity applications includes To Do, Sound Recorder, File Manager, Clock, Calendar and Calculator. What is missing is a note taking app and document viewer/editor, but you can simply download them for free in the Play Store.


Cherry Mobile Amber - No GPS

One downside of the Amber is the lack of GPS, this could be a deal break for some especially those using it for navigation.


Cherry Mobile Fun Club
Cherry Mobile Fun Club

The Cherry Mobile Fun Club is the company's app where you can check your horoscope, news and others.

Cherry Mobile - Cherry Play
Cherry Play

The Cherry Play is Cherry Mobile's own version of Play Store, here you can download apps and games.

Cherry Mobile System Update
System Software Update

The System Software Update allows you to check and install the latest software for your device, this is a good thing since you do not need to go to Cherry Mobile service center to do it.


You Tube
You Tube
Google Apps
Google Apps

There is also a YouTube application pre-installed together with other Google apps such as Google Now, Google Search, Google Maps and other.


I do not know if Cherry Mobile made a partnership with KakaoTalk since most of their recent devices has it by default.

News & Weather
News & Weather

The News & Weather is an app to check the latest from the local weather and news.

Cherry Mobile Amber Backup & Restore
Backup & Restore

This application allows you to backup and restore applications and games which you downloaded to your phone together with personal data like Contacts, Messages, Pictures, Calendar, Music and Bookmark.

Cherry Mobile Amber Daydream

The Daydream is similar to your PC's screen saver, you can activate it either when docked or charging.

Cherry Mobile Amber Scene

The Scene consists of two different kinds of homescreen, but be reminded that it does not retain the customization you made in either scene when you switch between one another.

Cherry Mobile Amber SIM Tool Kit
SIM Tool Kit

The SIM Tool Kit is an application where you can access the built-in functions on your SIM cards.


Cherry Mobile Amber Battery Stats
Battery Stats

I looped a 1080p video and the Amber managed to impressively last for about 4 hours of playback. I also played Asphalt 7 continuously for 3 hours and 18 minutes before the battery dropped to 4%.


The Cherry Mobile Amber is made with budget customers in mind, however, when I got hold of the device, it felt that I am getting more than what I paid for it. It has a very solid build quality and its design is way better than most of the smartphones with similar price range.

It is not only the hardware which is impressive, the dual core processor and 512MB RAM combination also proves that it is also capable devices. It can play high definition videos and graphics-intensive games without breaking a sweat.

However, there are still rooms for improvements with the likes of 2-point multi-touch, fixed focus camera and the lack of GPS. If these things are there it would have been a perfect budget smartphone. Nonetheless, it is still bang for the buck.

Key Specs:

  • Dual SIM , Dual Standby
  • 4" capacitive WVGA (800x480) touchscreen display, 2-point multi-touch
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2
  • 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 dual core CPU, Mali-400 GPU, MediaTek MT6572 chipset
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 4GB internal, expandable up to 32GB via microSD
  • 5MP fixed focus main camera with LED flash
  • 720p video recordng
  • 1.2MP secondary camera
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi Direct, WiFi Hotspot
  • 3.5 Audio Jack
  • Stereo FM Radio
  • MP3/MP4 Player
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth
  • Sensors: Accelerometer
  • 1400mAh Li-Ion Battery

Main Disadvantages:

  • No GPS
  • Fixed focus main camera
  • Only 2-point touch

This concludes our review and I do hope this has been informative and helpful.


This is a two-part review, to read the first part, please kindly click HERE.


  1. above average? sir, do you have any benchmark score? like from antutu? :)

  2. can you preview the storage or app? that show App\ SD card\ Running\ All
    it is movable to SD CARD already??


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