SKK Mobile Glimpse Review: Momentary Glance

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SKK Mobile Glimpse
SKK Mobile Glimpse


Before it is quite hard for some of us to buy a smartphone because of its expensive price and settle for a cheaper feature phones instead. However, as time goes by, smartphone became cheaper and cheaper to the point that it cost just as low as a dumb phone.

Today, companies like SKK Mobile offers a wide variety of entry level smartphones and one of them is the Glimpse. It packs a generous 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display powered by a MediaTek MT6572 dual core processor clocked at 1GHz each.

Key Specs:
  • Dual SIM , Dual Standby
  • 4" capacitive WVGA (800x480) touchscreen display, 2-point multi-touch
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2
  • 1GHz Cortex-A7 dual core CPU, Mali-400 GPU, MediaTek MT6572 chipset
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 512MB internal (188.15MB usable), expandable up to 32GB via microSD
  • 2MP main camera with LED flash
  • VGA secondary camera
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi Direct, WiFi Hotspot
  • 3.5 Audio Jack
  • Stereo FM Radio
  • MP3/MP4 Player
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth
  • Sensors: Accelerometer
  • 1400mAh Li-Ion Battery

Main Disadvantages:

  • No GPS
  • No Proximity Sensor
  • Low RAM


SKK Mobile Glimpse Lockscreen

The default lockscreen has a padlock icon inside a circle wherein you can drag it to the right to unlock the device. You can also go directly to the camera interface by swiping it to the left. If you have a notification like a new SMS, it will appear somewhere above the circle and you can drag it towards in order to read the message.

SKK Mobile Glimpse Homescreen

The homescreen can accommodate as much as 9 pages and as little as one page. There are five shortcuts below the screen, the middle always opens the app drawer while the remaining four can be customized.

SKK Mobile Glimpse Notification Panel & Quick Toggle Settings
Notification Panel & Quick Toggle Settings

The notification panel can be accessed by swiping one finger from the top of the screen going down. Any notifications are collapsible, meaning beside from the notification itself, there is an option below it. For example, a screenshot will give you the option to share it.

To access the quick toggle settings, use two fingers when swiping. Here you can control some of the most used settings like WiFi and Bluetooth in just one push.

SKK Mobile Glimpse Default Apps
Default Apps
SKK Mobile Glimpse Default Widgets
Default Widgets

The default apps are arranged in 4 rows by 4 columns, among them only five applications can be removed without the root access (Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Opera Mini and SKK). The widgets on the other hand has a 2x3 layout, to add one to your homescreen just press and hold it.


SKK Mobile Glimpse SIM Management
SIM Management

The phone supports dual SIM dual standby, to manage which SIM you want to use for a specific task just go to Settings>SIM Management. Here you can also disable one of your SIM if not in use to prolong the battery life.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Telephony

The telephony does not have smart dialing, it will only display matching contact they have the same beginning. The Glimpse has no proximity sensor, but the screen automatically turns off once a call got connected. Be mindful though that once you turn on the screen (example, you need to dial a local number) it will not turn off again during the entire duration of the call unless you press the power key. The call quality is good, you can hear each other loud and clear.

The call logs shows all the calls made in and out of your phone, you can choose which SIM card information to display plus the option to filter it further by selecting incoming, outgoing or missed calls.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Contacts
SKK Mobile Glimpse Groups

The phonebook is divided into 3 tabs, the groups, contacts and favorites. Groups and contacts can display or store information from your phone and online accounts as well as from the two SIM card inserted in your phone in the case of the latter.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Messaging

The messages are arranged based on the latest time stamped, if you have unread message/s, a number will appear on the upper right corner (the number corresponds to the number of unread message/s). In a specific conversation, your message will appear on the right while his or her message is on the left, it is also color coded for easier identification.

To send an MMS, just attached anything on a message just be sure your settings are set properly and you have enough load to do so. You can also personalize the chat background and the notification alert.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Email
SKK Mobile Glimpse Gmail

The email department consists of a generic email app and Gmail app, both are easy to set-up, just enter your username and password then hit next and you are good to go. Most of the basic email functions are covered like sync interval, adding signature, adding Cc/Bcc and attachments. They can also handle multiple accounts too.



SKK Mobile Glimpse Gallery

The photos and videos on your phone can be viewed by default using the gallery. You can filter them based on Albums, Locations and Times. You can also share them locally via Bluetooth or online though supported applications like email and Facebook.

SKK Mobile Glimpse Photo Editor
Photo Editor

The photo editor is integrated into the system, you can access it by going to a specific photo and selecting edit. Some of its functions include adding effects, adding frame, adjusting exposure, contrast and more.

Video Player:

SKK Mobile Glimpse Video Player
Video Player

The video player can play all the files I threw at it, .avi, .flv, .3gp, .mp4 and .mkv up to 720p resolution. All the supported files will be displayed with thumbnail, title, length and size. The player itself is very basic, so if you want more powerful one just download another player like MX or MoBo player.

Music Player:

SKK Mobile Glimpse Music Player
Music Player

All supported audio files are displayed in the music player, you can view them by Albums, Artist, Songs and Playlist. If a certain song has an album art, it will be displayed accordingly. The player will continue to play the songs even if you minimize it and if you do there will be a mini player on the notification panel.

FM Radio:

SKK Mobile Glimpse FM Radio
FM Radio

The FM Radio is still an essential feature of a phone for most users, and the SKK Glimpse has it. An external antenna (wired headset and the likes) is needed for it to work. The broadcast channels can be searched automatically and you can record any broadcast if you want to.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Camera/Video

The camera and video share the same interface, the camera shutter is on top of the video button. On the upper right corner, the thumbnail of the last picture/video taken is shown.

SKK Mobile Glimpse Camera/Video Settings
Camera/Video Settings

The camera department is where most of the budget smartphone suffers and the SKK Glimpse has the same dilemma, it only has a 2MP sensor and does not have a flash of any kind. On the other hand, it can capture up to 720p video, but do not expect much about its quality.

Sample Shots:

SKK Mobile Glimpse Camera Sample Shot
 SKK Mobile Glimpse Camera Sample Shot
 SKK Mobile Glimpse Camera Sample Shot
 SKK Mobile Glimpse Camera Sample Shot


SKK Mobile Glimpse Browser
Opera Mini
Opera Mini

The Glimpse has two browsers installed, the stock browser and the Opera Mini. Both can contain multiple tabs, however it is not recommended to do so due to low RAM size.


Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2
Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami

The relatively low RAM size limits you the kind of games you can install and run on the phone. The top 5 free games about are all playable, though you will encounter some hiccups when playing Temple Run 2.

SKK Mobile Glimpse Storage & Install Location
Storage & Install Location

The total available internal storage is only 188MB which in every aspect is very small, the good thing is that you can use an external SD card and make it as your default storage.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Tethering & Hotspot
Tethering & Hotspot

The SKK Glimpse only supports 2G data connection, which is painfully slow, especially if you already experience how fast an LTE is. Although it is only 2G, the tethering and portable hotspot are still present.

SKK Mobile Glimpse WiFi

The phone has WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, which means it can detect a wide array of signals and supports WiFi direct too. Overall, the WiFi signal reception is stable, no sudden drop of signal experience during the review period.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Calendar
SKK Mobile Glimpse Calculator
SKK Mobile Glimpse Clock
SKK Mobile Glimpse File Manager
File Manager
SKK Mobile Glimpse Sound Recorder
Sound Recorder
SKK Mobile Glimpse To Do
To Do

The productivity and organizing tools pre-installed are Calendar, To Do, Clock, Sound Recorder, Calculator and File Manager. If you need a document viewer/editor or other tools, you can just go to Play Store and download them.


SKK Mobile Glimpse No GPS

Another downside of this phone is the lack of GPS, therefore you won't be able to use your favorite GPS app to track your location or navigate your way through.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Search

The search app, as the name suggests, is an application to look something from the web, email, contacts and more.

My Lock
My Lock

The My Lock app is supposed to change the lockscreen wallpaper when activated, however, it does not do so in my review unit.

Back-up & Restore
Back-up & Restore

The backup and restore is an application wherein you can back-up your apps, games and personal data.

Facebook, Twitter & Viber
Facebook, Twitter & Viber

The Facebook, Twitter, Viber are social media apps installed by default on the Glimpse, if you do not use them you can simply uninstall them.

SIM Tool Kit
SIM Tool Kit

The SIM tool kit is an app where you can access some of the functions of your SIM cards.


SKK Mobile Glimpse Battery Stats
Battery Stats

I loop a 720p video (brightness and volume are set around 50%) and it managed to last for more than 3 hours. I repeat the test and the result is almost the same.


The SKK Mobile Glimpse is suitable for those looking for a budget smartphone with the right amount of screen size. The 4-inch screen with WVGA resolution is ample enough in consuming multimedia contents especially that it can play a 720p videos smoothly and stutter free.

Overall, you can enjoy the phone as long as you keep your expectations low. Hopefully, in the near future they can at least include a 512MB of RAM to ensure smoother transitions and better multi-tasking.

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