Cherry Mobile P1 Quick Review

Anjie lou delos Reyes
Cherry Mobile P1
Cherry Mobile P1


Are you afraid of taking out your precious and expensive phone when you are in the public? Worry no more, Cherry Mobile have their solution for you - the P1.

The P1 is a phone and a wireless dialer in one, it has a single SIM card slot and it can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. This means that call, music and message can be accessed to the P1 remotely rather directly from your expensive phone.


Cherry Mobile P1 Box_Front
Cherry Mobile P1 Box_Back
Cherry Mobile P1 Box_Open
Cherry Mobile P1 Unit
Cherry Mobile P1  Retail Package
 Retail Package

The box is made of regular carton, no special coating or whatsoever. Once opened, you will see the device wrapped in a plastic. Underneath the P1, are the manual and the micro USB type charger which completes the retail package.


Cherry Mobile P1 Front

The front is the busiest part of the phone, it has the 1.77-inch screen with 176x220 pixels, the keypads, the four-way directional control pad and the earpiece grill.

Cherry Mobile P1 Back

The back house the VGA camera and the cover for the compartment of the SIM and the micro SD card. Removing the cover has a learning curve, it is quite to remove it at first but, you will get used to it after a while.

Cherry Mobile P1 Bottom

At the bottom you will see the micro USB port which doubles as the charging port, beside it is the slider switch for Power ON/OFF.

Cherry Mobile P1 Lanyard Eyelet
Lanyard Eyelet

The lanyard eyelet can be found on the upper right corner. The design is quite stylish and the build quality is good. Honestly, it is more like a toy or an accessory than a phone.


Cherry Mobile P1 Phonebook

In order to use it as a companion phone, you need to pair it first with your desired device via Bluetooth. Once connected you can now view and use the content of that phone to the P1. One function is to access the contacts on the other device, to do so, just go to the Phonebook of P1 and browse to the BT tab.

Cherry Mobile P1 Calls
Cherry Mobile P1 Calls
Cherry Mobile P1 Calls

To call remotely, just dial the number, then press options or the call button and after that choose the BT Call. The call quality between the P1 and the other line is good, both ends can hear each other loud and clear.

Cherry Mobile P1 Messaging
Cherry Mobile P1 Messaging

Your phone should have a Bluetooth Message Access Profile in order to work with the P1. I paired several phones like CM Omega XL, CM Cosmos Z2, O+ Imagine, however, the messaging function did not work. I checked if the Android operating system supports BT MAP and I found out that it is, BUT with Android 4.4 KitKat only. The Apple iPhone 4 and above support it also.


The Cherry Mobile P1 is one of the few remote dialer available in the local market. It is highly recommended for people who usually travel using public transports, especially if all the functions are supported by your phone. Remember also that the P1 is more than just a dialer, it is also a stand alone phone.


  • Single SIM
  • Dual Band - 1900/2100MHz
  • 1.77-inch display (176x220)
  • VGA camera,
  • FM Radio
  • Music Player
  • Bluetooth v3.0, remote dialer and SMS viewer
  • Expandable storage up to 4GB
  • Price: Php799

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  1. Hi Sir, can you play the radio without using the headset?

  2. Opo, un po ang nabasa ko..

  3. hindi po.. kailangan ng headset..

  4. Pwede po ba ito sa WP8?

  5. Ang pagkakaalam ko po sa mga Nokia with Black update pwede.

  6. Gumagana yung messaging na yan. Hit or miss lang sya. tyagaan lang sa connection. Minsan restart nyo yung P1 patay buhay ng bluetooth. Connected on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Jelly Bean 4.3

  7. San ka po nakabuy nito?? May green na pala sa wakas yey! Please reply po!!!!<3 Pls po pakiinform ako san nakbli ng greeeeeen!

  8. San po kayo nakabili nitong green?? Pls reply.

  9. hindi ko pa binili yung P1 ko, bale bigay lang po yan as token during one of Cherry Mobile's event. BTW, ipapa-raffle ko po ito next month.

  10. huhuhu. so lucky. try ko sumali but i probably won't win. daya ng cm sana irelease naman nila lahat ng colors. kaumay pink at orange >.<

  11. not sure po kung ilan, hndi kasi naka indicate sa box at hindi removable.

  12. ilang araw po sya bago malowbat ung continous po syang nagamit ah

  13. simple lang yung cherry mobile p1 :)

  14. very cute and handy

  15. i really love it,,since cherry is one of a kind maker os cute gadget i really like this kind of phone

  16. Dan, Dan..dalandan! Share on FB & Twitter everyday! :-) Hope to win for my daughter.

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  19. Vanessa Grace C. LimApril 23, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    ang cute :)

  20. yay! tamang tama eto, iwas takaw snatch! pede pa itago sa bulsa o kaya sa purse.... galing! kaso dapat naka-Kitkat na yung Android....

  21. Ayus ahh, hope to win this nice blog..


    atus ahh... hope to win this

  23. Nice one

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  26. I have an ASUS ZENFONE 5 paired with a CHERRY P1.

    It works fine. It is able to send and receive sms and make and receive calls.


    -names of contact does NOT show in sms inbox, only number of the contact

    -will not alarm/sound/vibrate/notify for new sms received, only when there is incoming call

    Overall: It is a great decoy phone!

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