MyPhone Infinity, 5-inch Full HD Octa-Core Smartphone

Anjie lou delos Reyes
MyPhone Infinity, 5-inch Full HD Octa-Core Smartphone
MyPhone Infinity

Many of us has been waiting for MyPhone's octa-core device and many believed that it could be one of the MyPhone's Ocean series which leaked last week, but apparently it was not. Then, a new leak came out, and this time it was for real, an octa-core smartphone - the MyPhone Infinity.

MyPhone has been very supportive ever since on its community, especially to the YONIP development team. Members of this group were invited several times to witness first hand the upcoming devices of the company and it was no different with their flagship phone.

Miyer C. Bernabe, a YONIP dev team member, posted on his Facebook page the image above and he already confirmed that it is an octa-core phone with the same OEM as the Micromax Canvas Knight. This means that they have similar specifications, if not the same. This just made my prediction true when I published earlier this January that the Canvas Knight will be the next Myphone's flagship.

MyPhone Infinity, 5-inch Full HD Octa-Core Smartphone

If you look carefully on the words below INFINITY, it says "Carbonized by MyPhone" (maybe it is not but that is what I can recognized) which could mean that the phone will run on a "Custom" ROM developed by the YONIP team.

Source: Miyer C. Bernabe

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