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Friday, March 21, 2014

TeknoGadyet Poll+Giveaway: MS300 8GB USB OTG

Local mobile brands are no longer selling cheap basic/TV phone, they have already evolved in providing us the best value-for-money devices, Android smartphones and tablets to be exact.

Currently, there are more than fifteen players in the country, these give us the flexibility and the privilege to choose a gadget that will surely fit our budget and other requirements.

Every consumer has their own consideration and perspective when buying. If you are to be asked, what are those and why? If two or more brands have the same price and similar specifications, which one are you going to choose and why?

You can share your answers in the comment section below or by commenting on our Facebook page. One of the best answer will receive a complementary 8GB USB OTG (photo above) on April 1, 2014.


  1. for me if the two brands are the same in price and specifications I try to know/look hard which brands are more accurate.

  2. well, for me if the two or more brands have the same price and specification , i think i should look to a brand that has a good quality and performance.

  3. Pat Mark R. EvangelistaMarch 21, 2014 at 8:02 PM

    For me, if two or more have the same price and similar specifications, I would choose the one who has the more positive reviews on the product. I would rely on those trusted reviewers so I can pick the which one is more compelling, even when two products are at the same price and specifications. Plus, I would look which one who is the more feature-packed. That will dictate which one is "more affordable."

  4. 1. Every consumer has their own consideration and perspective when buying. If you are to be asked, what are those and why?

    When buying anything my main consideration is quality because I want a product that's worth my money, a product that keeps it's promise. Price is just secondary because what will I do with a cheap product if it wouldn't live-up to my expectations?

    2. If two or more brands have the same price and similar specifications, which one are you going to choose and why?

    In this scenario, I would have to choose the "trusted" brand because a brand that is trusted by an overwhelming majority of consumers would only mean that it has the best quality.

    Thank you! :)

  5. Bienvenido C. Masaluñga Jr.March 22, 2014 at 8:45 AM

    1. My consideration and my perspective is my satisfaction, If ever I'm happy and satisfied with the product, I'll buy it, but if two products meet my expectation but the price is different, I'll pick the one which caught my eye and let me feel great whenever I hold and use it.

    2. If the two have same price and specifications, I'll go with the one who is more reputable, have a lot of good reviews than the other, proven to be one of the best and also the battery life. I might also consider its appearance and size.

  6. Ineng wag ka na umasa.Siguradong di ka mananalo dito.

  7. If two or more brands have the same price and similar specifications, which one I'm going to choose and why, first of all price and specification is one of the major things to consider when buying but still we have this called satisfaction, its not all about the phone itself but for me when you hold that phone for the first time you will feel its connection to you, something different that you cant explain ,like phone and you are soul mate. something like that. Because that gadgets is not just a material thing you will use daily but it serve as your daily companion or a friend -we wish will last longer.

  8. For me I will choose the best quality. I will checked if the battery life will last long hours. The screen baka may dead pixel, specs, baka may bugs, kung durable ba sa tingin ko yung unit and lastly kung meron bang service center dito sa pinas.

  9. * Considerations and perspectives * :
    1. Price
    2. Size & Style
    3. It's GPU, Ram and internal storage size
    4. Quality
    5. Waterproof/ dust proof/ scratch proof
    6. Battery Life
    7. Compatibility with the user's need..
    8. Android / iOs / blackberry / windows phone version.
    9. Features ( Camera, games etc.)
    10. Brand

    If two or more brands have the same price and similar specifications, which one are you going to choose and why?

    I will choose the one with the brand that has a better reputation in the market. The one with a better and convenient appearance that fits how i look. haha

  10. First thing I look for is the gadget's brand, whether it is reliable or not, trusted or not so and the like. When I have made up my mind on which brand, I now look at device's price,reasonable or not, quality, good/bad, software, custom ui or stock, specifications, enough or lacking, camera, optics and/or sensor size, and finally, the user's reviews to give me some ideas on how the device functions in real life.

  11. The things I consider when buying a phone are the following: User needs, Specifications, Quality, Durability, Price.

    First, I would check list out how the phone will be used. Will it be used for social networking, reading documents, gaming, avid texting or an avid instagramer? Then we move on to the hardware. If user is a reader, check out bigger screen sizes. If user is an instagrammer, check out Camera quality (Megapixel size, quality of low light images, optics). If gamer check out if CPU and graphics capability. If to be used for notetaking, check out voice to text capabilities and the keyboard. Then Brand Quality. How dependable is the Brand. In after sales support. Will the phone break after dropping it from your pocket? Screen scratches on the plastic back? Does it hang with 5 applications open? Will its OS be upgraded soon? Are new models about to be released? Then check its price against others with similar or close specifications. Then make a decision.

  12. It is always has to have a quality that can surpass all the means of need.

  13. Ma. Clarice ItumayMarch 24, 2014 at 10:39 PM

    My number one consideration is after sales support. Availability of repair center in my area, toll free number, a website for basic troubleshooting. :) and most of the time, the leading brands are the once capable of providing this. :)

  14. I'm more concerned with the quality of the product and after-sales service of the company when buying things, especially gadgets. If two or more brands have the same price and specs, then I'd pick the brand that is more trusted by consumers. I don't usually buy the latest gadgets, for I know I'd be encountering some bugs or problems that would make me regret buying it; I just wait for reviews, fixes and updates before I decide. This tactic gives me a clearer view on companies that's good in terms of after-sales service and support, and also to the quality of their product.

  15. Fred William Torres CadaMarch 26, 2014 at 8:59 PM

    Durability, user friendliness, prize, costumer support availability and reviews for the specific gadgets. in my opinion its OK to trust the people that are making reviews about it. they obviously can tackle the pros and cons of ones product from there i can choose between the two.

  16. If both gadgets have the same specs and price, main factor I will consider is the products after sales support. I have to know that when something happens to the product, I can easily contact the manufacturer and they are ready to provide warranty or replacement.


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