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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lamudi Real Estate App Now Available for iOS Devices

Lamudi Real Estate App Now Available for iOS Devices
Lamudi Real Estate App Now Available for iOS Devices

Lamudi, a global property portal, has been operating in the Philippines since January 2014 and they now have offices in Manila, Cebu, and Davao. In its brief existence, it has become helpful for those who are seeking for houses for sale or for rent.

The company is now expanding its reach in the emerging smartphone market by launching its iOS application one month after they introduced a similar app for Android device users.

This program, aptly named “Lamudi: Real Estate for Sale and Rent”, is now available to a clientele that accounts for about 25% of the Philippine smartphone market based on figures from Statcounter. With the launch of their Android app, Lamudi Co-Founder and Managing Director Antonius Salis reported about an increased demand among Philippine customers. This form of success inspired them to have the same application for iOS users as well.

As mobile internet continues to be a rising trend, the Lamudi application helps users search for properties even though they are on the go. Lamudi Philippines Co-Founder and Managing Director Jacqueline van den Ende said it best that a dream house is just a tap away because they get access to property listings from 16 countries.

The application features a customized search function that enables users to look for properties per country. Alerts can also be created for when properties that suit a customer’s preference come up. They can also use the bookmark function to save selected listings for future purposes. If they know someone who might be interested with the listing that they chanced upon, they can share it via email or via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Each listing comes with detailed property information, high-resolution images, vicinity maps and contact details of the selling party. As of present, combined Lamudi residential and commercial property listings from the Philippines are about 57,000. Aside from the Philippines, the iOS app is also available in the following countries: Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

For more information about the Lamudi real estate mobile app or the company in general, you can visit the Lamudi Philippines’ official website at You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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